Rollins Comments on Ryno’s No Comment

Jimmy RollinsJimmy Rollins spoke to reporters this morning following Ryne Sandberg’s interesting “no comment” yesterday, when asked about the positivity and energy he has brought this spring. Rollins has not played since Monday. He was in Tuesday’s lineup, but was scratched that morning. He did not play yesterday and he is not in the lineup today.

Rollins is healthy.

Here is some of what he said this morning:

Q: Why do you think you’re not in the lineup today? It’s unusual for a starter.
A: Yeah, I don’t know. You’ll have to go ask the manager. I don’t write the lineup.

Q: Do you think it’s unusual, though?
A: Oh, it is unusual. Yes, but I’m not going to try to second guess or predict or come up with a reason why.

Q: So yesterday Sandberg is asked about Freddy Galvis. He says he loves his positivity and energy. The next question is how has Jimmy been in that regard this spring? He gives a no comment. What do you make of that? Does that bother you?
A: Well, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. It doesn’t make it right, but he’s the manager so he gets to have the last say.

Q: What’s your relationship with Ryne so far?
A: It’s good. We talk. Except for the last two days we talk every day. We talk about baseball behind the cage when we’re doing our hitting drills. I let people challenge me throughout situations and have fun. No one has a problem with that.

Q: When would you want to talk with Ryno about this?
A: Whenever he comes to me.

Q: Do you think there’s a method to this? Do you think he’s trying to light a fire under you or something?
A: I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s no fire that needs to be lit, though. Never has been, especially when things count.

Q: And you’re healthy? You could play today?
A: Yeah, I’m healthy. I could play. I probably started getting healthy over the flu about Monday, when I had all my energy back, when I felt like, OK, I don’t have just spurts of energy. It helps when you’re full energized and ready to go.

Q: You were in Tuesday’s lineup, but then it was whited-out. What happened?
A: I don’t know. I just got a call in the morning that said you’re not on the trip.

Q: Who called you?
A: Somebody in the clubhouse. I can’t give that information.

Q: You need 434 plate appearances for $11 million option to kick in. Do you have fear they might try to manipulate that during the season?
A: That hasn’t even crossed my mind.

Q: You’re a smart guy, what’s your take on sitting out three days? What are they trying to accomplish?
A: You have to go ask (him). I’ve never … I’ve been around and I don’t necessarily comment on front office and managerial decisions.

Q: Are you confused by it?
A: I wouldn’t say confused, because that hasn’t really crossed my mind. Other than, OK, I’m not playing, maybe they’re giving another guy a shot to help with their final decisions of what they need to have on the team.

Q: When this happened with Charlie Manuel, when he’d pull you for not running out a ball or whatever, would he call you in office afterwards?
A: Yeah.

Q:  Does it bother you that Ryno “no commented” when asked about your energy and positivity? He could have easily said, yeah …
A: Yeah, but he didn’t. Obviously he’s upset about something. That doesn’t mean it’s over the course of spring training, it could have been one specific incident. But he’s upset about it. Thats something when he’s ready, he’ll let me know.

Q:  You said the other day, “Who cares” regarding offense stinking it up this spring, that those game results/stats don’t really matter. This related?
A: Possibly. You got the point of the conversation, and it’s true. I was just (on the radio). It’s apples and oranges. No matter how much you want the orange to taste like an apple, it’s an orange. No matter what. No matter how much you want these games to count for something, when April comes around, people aren’t talking about this. People aren’t talking about, ‘Well, he had a great spring training.” Maybe for the first two days or the first week. But if you start out 0-5 that doesn’t matter. If you start out 5-0, that doesn’t matter because you’re doing it right now.


Great job Ryno — way to communicate! (sarcasm)
Old school hard a$$. The best shortstop in franchise history (by far) deserves more respect.

Not only is the last question and the “Who Cares” response very revealing, the 5th question and answer is dripping with self-centered attitude as well. The players report to the manager, not the other way around Jimmy.

All he’s saying is he’s not going to demand to speak to Sandberg. And he’s exactly right on the last question.

Ok, Ryno officially has my attention. Well done, coach. Jimmy’s “who cares” comment shows a complete lack of understanding of the context of the last two seasons. Yes, spring training games don’t count. But what they’re doing in spring training is exactly what they’ve done the last two seasons- failed to hit- suggesting that we Phillies fans are in for another long season (not that we didn’t already expect that). And Jimmy’s response is “who cares.”

This is a simple game….

The 2008 Phillies were the 4th worst hitting team in baseball in spring training. “who cares” is the proper response to spring training results.

I would not be surprised if Sandberg purposely waited to talk to Jimmy until after he spoke to the press. Although I am not sure giving him enough rope to hang himself with was a great idea…Jimmy certainly took the bait when questioned. Can’t wait to hear what Sandberg has to say.

Greasing the skids to get JRoll to consent to a trade.

Rollins: I guess you thought the baseball season of 2013 did not count!!

I don’t understand this comment. Where would anyone get the idea that he things the 2013 season doesn’t count, when it doesn’t start for another 18 days? He’s saying spring training doesn’t count. And he’s right!

aladou2: Where is Rollins’ respect for the team, fans, the game of baseball and that ridiculous contract he was handed by Amaro.

Of course he respects the team, the fans, and the game. And so far he is actually earning his contract. Not ridiculous by any means.

aladou2: Now I know why your comments are sooooo ridiculous—you are a year behind. Just because you make a statement, does not make it correct—check your calendar.

You’re right, I’m in the wrong year. So to rephrase, why would you say that he thinks the 2013 season did not count?

He did have a down year, but he was still better than a good number of starting major league shortstops. Not sure what your point is.

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aladou2: Scroll up to the question/answer interview with Rollins and refer to question six. I am trying to give him a “back door” alibi for his unproductive overly paid year.

Q6 is the “light a fire” one, and you’re saying that because he had a down year last year, obviously he must need a fire lit under him. Is that right?

I disagree. He’s getting older and he had a down year. I don’t see why you would assume that because of that he needs a fire lit under him (as opposed to just having an off year, like players sometimes do).

aladou2: stick around here long enough and you will realize Rollins is one of the favorite whipping boys. You can make your own conclusions as to why this is so but it will become obvious.

Not so veiled attempt to call critics of J-Stroll, “racist”. And not particularly clever. There are ample reasons to not like Jimmy and to suggest that critics are racist are unfounded. He was good in his day, I loved it when he said “We are the team to beat.” in ’07 and then the Mets got beat by the Marlins on the last day of the year and the Phils won the division. Seems he was right! He was clutch in ’08 and ’10 when he helped to LEAD the Phils to the Series. But he has been on the decline since and his lackadaisical approach to the game has gotten increasingly worse. At this point in his career he is over-valued and under-productive. Frankly, I think the $11 mil option would be better retained by the club and used in the off season to strengthen the club (after they fire Amaro, of course).

After Rollins tells Amaro “No Home Team Discount” 29 teams passed on Mr. Arrogance. Rollins returns to the Phillies and Amaro should have told him “No Home Team Contract!” He should be grateful that Amaro gave him a ridiculous contract. At least play baseball the way it should be played–for the team (not sure he knows the meaning of “team”) and the fans. Whatever criticism Rollins receives, he ask for by running his mouth and not performing on the field. He could hit below the “Mendoza Line” as long as he is giving a legitimate effort because the Millions he is being paid is certainly legitimate.

That’s a lot of nonsense packed into one paragraph.

– Of course he would say “no home team discount” — it’s called negotiating.
– 29 teams did NOT pass. He at least had a similar offer from Milwaukeee — look it up.
– Rollins didn’t run his mouth. He was asked questions and he answered them.
– Why in the world do you keep referring to the contract as “ridiculous”? It’s quite fair, and over the first two years he’s earning it. He was slightly overpaid in 2013, but well underpaid in 2012.

Look, if you don’t like him, for whatever reason, just say so. But the making sh8t up is just embarassaing.

aladou2: What I have written are facts. None of which you can dispute–oh sorry, right ONE team out of 29 offered a call. If you want nonsense, read your response. As I said before, Rollins is paid MILLIONS — some effort would be appreciated. Wishing Amaro would have learned how to negotiate–“No Home Team Contract.”

Does he lack effort in the field? No
Does he lack effort on the bases? No
Does he lack effort in staying in shape and healthy? No

He doesn’t run full speed down the line on sure outs, something almost every player in baseball does to one extent or another.

Who hasn’t been overpaid by Ruin?

I don”t dispute Amaro”s incompetency. It is evident over the past 6 years. “Overpaid” that word describes the contracts of Ryan Howard & Jonathan Papelbon.

Why limit the overpaid category to Howard and Papelbon? Rollins contract is one of the more reasonable contracts.

You should be embarrassed to make that comment.

Two of us now have said that the contract is reasonable, and we have facts on our side.

aladou2: Again, you must be in the wrong calendar year–this is not 2007. Geez. you want to bless the man for “showing up.” These comments are about Rollins not the rest of baseball. Doesn’t run full speed—he barely jogs to first. Ryan Howard had a negative comment about that antic.

Carole, I’m confused — what does 2007 have to do with anything? And if I remember right, Howard was not talking about Rollins, and it would take some impressive mental gymnastics to interpret it as if he was.

Gosh, you must be a rookie–look it up. As far as the Howard comment–He referred to Rollins using his (Rollins” name) in conjuction with running to first base. Now, backflip over that.

You’re speaking in riddles. Every player has a career year, and Rollins’ was in 2007. Again, what does that have to do with the current discussion that made you bring it up? On the Howard comment — do you have a link, or any more info on when or where he said it? I can’t find it.

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