Rollins Unfazed By Report

Phillies Player of the '00s: RollinsThe Phillies had just started batting practice this morning at Bright House Field, when Ruben Amaro Jr. called over Jimmy Rollins to a spot in shallow left field.

They spoke for a couple minutes with Amaro concluding the conversation with a pat on Rollins’ back.

Amaro and Rollins declined to discuss the conversation, but they most certainly were discussing an report yesterday that said there is strong sentiment within the Phillies organization that it would be better served trading Rollins as soon as possible. It followed Ryne Sandberg benching Rollins three consecutive games last week and offering a pointed “no comment” when asked about Rollins’ influence in the clubhouse this spring.

Rollins said he isn’t bothered by the report.

“Because I can’t be traded,” he said before leaving for Dunedin to play the Blue Jays. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care which way it is tried to be twisted or said, or if it is exactly how it was said, or even if it was said, I can’t be traded. It doesn’t matter. If I was tradable it may have weight because that means I could be moving soon. But I am not tradable and so it doesn’t matter.”

Amaro repeatedly called any suggestion the Phillies want Rollins out “silly” or “silliness.”

“Absolute silliness,” he said. “Jimmy Rollins is our shortstop. One of the ways we’re going to be able to win is with Jimmy being Jimmy. … We have no intention of moving Jimmy. We need Jimmy to play for us to win. It’s as simple as that.”

Asked if he believes Rollins needs to be a better leader or if that is an issue, Amaro said, “I don’t have any issues at all with Jimmy.”

It must be noted the Phillies have explored trading Rollins the previous two Trade Deadlines and again this past offseason, just like there are some that have grown weary of things like Rollins not running hard to first base, etc., so the idea the Phillies would trade Rollins at the right time with the right opportunity is correct. But Rollins has stated multiple times over the past year he has absolutely no intentions of waiving his 10-and-5 trade rights.

He is not going anywhere.

Rollins said he is not troubled that somebody could be trying to make him look bad.

“It might be a little late for that,” Rollins said. “That’s probably happened years ago. You’re persecuted long before the day you’re sentenced. You’re already found guilty or innocent by the people, so it’s a little late for that.

“Everybody wants to be loved or liked. But good or bad, right or wrong, people are going to love you and some are going to hate you regardless. You can’t change their opinions to swing either way.”

Amaro reiterated several times the Phillies need Rollins to play and play well if they expect to return to the postseason for the first time since 2011. But one thing that could be a distraction to Rollins is if he believes the front office doesn’t like him.

“Nobody, there’s nobody that is upset with Jimmy,” Amaro said. “Jimmy Rollins is our shortstop. I’m happy to have him. Like I said, we need to have Jimmy be as good as he possibly can be for us to win.”

Rollins had the worst season of his career last year. He said he isn’t worried the hammer is being dropped because he is not performing like he had in the past.

“That’s OK,” he said. “Am I coming off a bad year? Yes, that part is true. I’ve never hid from the truth. That’s OK. They can’t be harder on me than I am on myself. It’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK. I’m looking forward to a great year.”


I’m the first one to defend any player. But, Rollins is getting on my nerves BIG time! Him being “unfazed” is part of the problem. Doesn’t he get that??? Guess not. Since it’s the same old, same old. And, his holier than thou, “I can’t be traded” attitude is winning him no favors. Bench him often enough that he can’t break any of the records he’s seeking, and he might change his tune!

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The issue started a couple of years ago when Amaro decided to resign him, that’s when the change should have occurred. What to they get for signing someone just because of being loyal? A player who is out only for himself and no one else. Eat the contract and let him go. Then he won’t have the hits leadership for the Phils. I hate selfish players

If I was the Philly coach I would force him to want a trade , Just don’t play him he will want out end of story

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All of you who are calling for Jimmy’s head are retarded. If management treats Jimmy like crap this year, then the veterans in the locker room would all quit on the team and the season is lost before it even begins. How do you generate fans interest and sell tickets that way? Also if you game the system to ensure he doesn’t get the vesting option, then no agent would trust Amaro when it comes to vesting options during contract negotiation (Remember the Kevin Millwood vesting option debacle with the Rangers back in 2009? Texas ended up caving.) Plus Ryne Sandberg would destroy his own legacy if he disrespects a career Phillie like Rollins. The stake is high here. Rollins is the Phillies’ equivalent of Jeter. He started off here when it was just him and Scott Rolen and we were in last place. He won the MVP and brought a championship to the city of brother love. He deserves to finish his career here and break all the team records he wants.

That is the biggest bunch of crap ever written. I am sorry I wasted my time reading it.

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I’m on the fence with all of this. I like Jimmy but let’s face it, he isn’t performing offensively as he use to do. It’s frustrating. When the Phillies organization renewed his contract, they put a period at the end of the sentence as far as trading him. So why? Why did they do this when they have a player with youth and enthusiasm to take his place? Jimmy can’t compete with that. I’m sorry but that’s a fact. I know that he’s been the leader in that clubhouse for quite some time but times change. Why isn’t the organization changing with it? That’s the most frustrating thing for me as a fan. I don’t mind if the Phils lose a game ( or two or three) if they’re playing the game with enthusiasm, heart and a don’t give up attitude. It’s when they lose and are lackluster about it. When they show no spirit and fire, that’s when I get frustrated watching them. ( Did I mention why I get frustrated as a fan-🙂 ) Well, that’s my humble opinion. This teams needs to look alive. I hope someone ignites a fire under them this season. If not, they’re not so much fun to watch.

Sports writers take the drama queen prize for concocting this bull. What controversy? What did Rollins say which isn’t the truth? He has the Phillies by the short hairs. Anything which makes Ruin sweat is good.

any player who is only interested in setting personal records, and not what’s best for the team should be dumped. If we can’t dump him due to stupid contract RAJ handed him, sit him and don[‘t let him get to his 60 hits to break Schmidt. Be honest with him, tell him he won’t get 60 hits, wont get his vesting year, won’t get anything but a sore ass from sitting on bench. Now, do you want a trade to a team where you will play?
As for what this will do to the team, its simple: Give them a huge wake up call. SInce we’re not making the playoffs this year in any case, get with the program or join Jstroll on the bench.

My vote is for F_I_J for General Manager.

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