Boo Braun?

Ryan Braun, Carlos GomezSo, what should Phillies fans do to Ryan Braun tonight at Citizens Bank Park? They booed him yesterday, and he responded with three home runs.

“I love it,” Braun said about the boos. “It’s great. Seriously. As a competitor, I really do enjoy it. For all of us, it’s a challenging game, a long season, and playing in an atmosphere and environment like this is certainly something that’s motivating. … I try to use it to my advantage. As a competitor, the more hostile environment, the more enjoyable it can be. Just focus on the things I can control. I try to prepare myself every day to be successful. It’s great when we’re coming into these places and winning games; I think here and Boston are two of the most challenging places in baseball to come into and win games.”


Loosen him up at the plate. As Grandpop would say, a little chin music.

He should be booed everywhere he plays including Milwaukee. He should retire after lying like he did.

Lying under oath deserves constant boos. Anything positive—–he is making a fool of people with integrity.

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