Frandsen Enjoyed Philly, But Ticked About Departure

Kevin FrandsenKevin Frandsen is in Philly for the first time since the Phillies outrighted him off the 40-man roster in late March, despite leading the National League with 14 pinch-hits last season and a .353 batting average and .920 OPS against left-handers the past two seasons.

The Phillies said at the time they needed roster flexibility with Freddy Galvis shelved because of MRSA. They felt they needed somebody who could backup Jimmy Rollins while Galvis is out. So Frandsen opted for free agency rather than accept an assignment to Triple-A Lehigh Valley and signed a one-year, $900,000 with the Nationals.

He is hitting .289 with two doubles, two RBIs and a .714 OPS in 43 plate appearances, which is noteworthy as Phillies third basemen have a combined .483 OPS, which is the worst mark in baseball.

Frandsen played 52 games at third base for the Phillies in 2012, but the front office didn’t like his glove.

Here is some of what Frandsen told reporters before tonight’s game at Citizens Bank Park:

Did their decision blindside you?
Fair to say, yeah. Blindside is a good way. I was like the ball boy on the sideline that got run over by someone.

Imagine it would have worked out so well for you?
No, but the way it went down, I know where I stand with the coaching staff over there and where I was with the other guys. I just felt more confident about myself than what they saw as far as the management side. It is what it is. I’m excited to be a National. I was excited and lucky to be a Phillie. That’s first and foremost. I got an opportunity to make it back up to the big leagues and play really well for them. But some things you really can’t control and I really didn’t control it obviously. It happened and I’m in a great spot. They’re playing some good baseball over there, too.

How angry were you?
I was pissed. I was pissed. Like I said, I knew where I stood with Ryno and Bo and all those guys and Hendu. But I was pissed. If they thought I was roster flexibility, that’s what they thought. But I didn’t think that of myself. I earned my way to being on the bench, to being a vital part over there. That’s what I thought and that’s the feeling I have and I’m going to go with it.

Were you hell bent that no matter what you weren’t coming back?
For the most part, yeah. It was tough, especially for how close I am with Ryno, how close I am with so many guys over there. It’s a class organization. It’s tough to leave your buddies. But to walk into a clubhouse like this with so much talent and eagerness to win and a great ballpark, it’s nice, too. One thing you do miss is the passionate fans over there that literally, even when I was in Lehigh, supported the hell out of me. I’ve been fortunate on that when it comes back to thinking about my time with the Phillies. It was a great time and it just ended very abruptly.

The Nationals called immediately, right?
A bunch of other teams did, too. A bunch of other teams said no way, no chance, it’s too late. It’s the end of the spring roster crunch and all that stuff. It was a leap of faith knowing my abilities and hoping that people would see it, especially what I’ve done against left-handers in the last couple years. It’s something they had talked about over here, how they needed stuff against left-handers and I always would just laugh and just be like, ‘I didn’t prove anything else against left-handers the last two years for you guys?’ Again, that was another thing that bothered me. But it is what it is. Like I said, you could sense I’m pissed about it, but at the same time I’m grateful for the opportunity at both places. I’ll always think fondly about what’s over there on the other side.


Amaro is a moron. He drops Frandsen for Jayson Nix, who absolutely sucks at the plate. I thought Frandsen had a good glove, and I liked him at third. It is a shame to see talent wasted. Worst of all, Amaro gave him a guaranteed big league contract over the winter. He’s a snake. Can’t wait for his ass to get canned.

Frandsen stinks. Glad he left. A shame they didnt get rid of John Mayberry either but you cant have it all.

I agree. Frandsen held his own pretty well. I was pissed that they got rid of him. Hopefully this is his last year.

Ruben Amaro Jr is a vile, disgusting pig of a human being

He isgoing to hit 3 Hr’s and have 9 RBI’s in this series….#bankonit

Look at how bad the Phillies are against lefties again this year. And how Nix is hitting. And fielding. Look at the errors by Asche, Galvis and Nix, and tell me Frandsen wasn’t as good as them? Ha. When the Yankees had both Nix and Brignac last year when Jeter was hurt, BRIGNAC got all the playing time, because he had the best glove on the team and was almost as fast as Gardner on the bases. And yet, we have Brignac in AAA and Nix taking up space on the 40 man roster. Further Proof that Amaro is THE dumbest GM in all of baseball. The boob has been over his head since Gillick left.

Meh – he was ok I guess, but certainly don’t miss him not being on the team.

Not sure what he’s so angry and “blind sided” about as him being on the bubble was the talk all winter and spring. He should just be grateful and not continue to over-value himself. I can’t remember a called strike out when he didn’t moan like the ump blew the call.

I’m pissed too! We certainly could use a guy like Frandsen, who could play as good a 3rd base as Code Ashe and hit a lot better. This is an example of very poor insight into this team by upper management. He was a”dirt bag” type player like Chase and we need more guys ;like him on this team.

Neither pissed nor glad, but this is obviously just another in a long line of examples of how poor this organization is at determining relative value of players. This is Raul Ibanez all over again. I thought it was a mistake getting rid of Frandsen when it happened, and nothing has happened in the last 4 weeks to change my mind….

Does Frandsen throw Ruin under the bus or what?

Why is it every time someone tells the truth, they are accused of throwing some one “under the bus”. Maybe they deserve it!

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Just another in a series of bad moves by this team. Get rid of all the guys that really hustle their tail off.. (Werth, Pence, Victorino, ) the list goes on. Keep guys like Mayberry and add in a minor league bullpen and you get what you deserve? I say Amaro has worn his welcome out with this season, how about you?

Wishing Kevin the best of luck and success, even against the Phillies. Very glad he is with a team that has a very good chance to play in October.

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