Camp Out, Garcia Up

Luis GarciaThe Phillies’ bullpen shuffle continues.

They announced today they have outrighted right-hander Shawn Camp to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Camp, who had a 5.40 ERA in three appearances after allowing four hits and two runs in 1 2/3 innings last night against Toronto, has the option of becoming a free agent.

Right-hander Luis Garcia has been recalled from Lehigh Valley to take Camp’s place.

Phillies assistant general manager Benny Looper said last week that Garcia was pitching better than anybody in the Triple-A bullpen, which currently includes three pitchers that opened the season with the Phillies: right-handers Brad Lincoln, Justin De Fratus and B.J. Rosenberg. Right-hander Phillippe Aumont and left-handers Jeremy Horst and Cesar Jimenez also have pitched for the Phillies.

Garcia is 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA and six saves in 11 appearances with the IronPigs. In 13 2/3 innings, he has allowed nine hits, one unearned run, four walks and has struck out 13.

Garcia had a 3.73 ERA in 24 appearances last season with the Phillies, but he walked 23 and struck out 23 in 31 1/3 innings.

Right-hander Ethan Martin, who could be a bullpen option at some point, made his second rehab appearance Wednesday with Class A Clearwater. He allowed two hits in one inning. He is recovering from right shoulder and triceps capsule strains.

Double-A closer Ken Giles had a 1.29 ERA in 14 innings. He has allowed eight hits, two earned runs, five walks and has struck out 27. Looper said last week that Giles needs to improve his fastball command – he has thrown too many fastball up in the strike zone – as well as improve his slider. Looper said Giles’ next move likely would be to Triple-A, although he offered no timetable for that.


Well, they have nothing better to do this season but keep giving all their prospects extended looks in the bigs to try and plan for the future. To the extent that this organization appears to plan for ANYTHING. They are better than last year (sad as that is), but I think only the Mets will challenge them for the basement of the NL East this year. Would be really surprising if Cliff is still with the team by the AS Break. For the first time, I actually see that as a good thing. Really, top to bottom on this team, I see very little in the way of contending players. The outfield is a mess. The infield varies between being old (and injured) or really young (and error prone). Starting pitching is slightly above average. Bullpen is horrible, probably not a single championship-contending arm in there, including the closer.

Basically, the roster has either a series of older players who still produce when healthy, but are near the end of their careers (Rollins, Chooch, Utley), castoffs that no one else wanted that may or may not produce from night to night (Byrd, Revere, the entire bullpen), and young players that are so widely inconsistent that it is hard to see how good they really are (Brown, Asche, Galvis). Hamels is still not right, Cliff seems to be going into his usual mid-season slump (for him anyway), and no one behind them inspires confidence. Only bright spots have been Burnett (better than expected) and Kyle (picking up where he left off).

Seriously, right now, looking forward, how many players do you see on this team next year if it is to get back into contention for the NL East? I can name about 4: Asche, Brown, Kendrick, and Howard. The rest need to retire or go, but they need to be REPLACED. A recurring problem with this organization is there seems to be no plan for the future. It is obvious to anyone that when Rollins’, Ruiz’s, and Utley’s contracts are up, they are done. They need to be replaced. Who’s gonna do it? From what I hear, no one in the farm system. Ditto with Revere. He’s a great guy, but he just doesn’t appear to be a true MLB player for a championship-caliber team. He makes too many errors, can’t throw out anyone at the plate even on a shallow fly, and his hitting is iffy. Dom Brown is the big X factor- was last year an aberration, or is he just in a slump? At least they are letting him play it out. Burd is just a placeholder – do they have anyone to replace him next year?

Obviously you can fix some of these through guys coming up through the system, but I think they need to start seriously considering trading guys for prospects. The window is slammed shut, nailed, and painted over with lead-based paint. Time to start planning for a new run with new guys….

Geesh!! All that “hot air” you just printed has been echoed over and over again. Your comments are as old as you say the Phillies are. The one thing you did not say, (believe it or not) is it starts with Amaro. Hopefully, this is the beginning of his demise.

Sorry to waste your time, Carole. I am sure it is extremely valuable. But even if you think simply getting rid of Reuban will fix all the problems, I am not convinced. I think it goes MUCH deeper than just him. I believe that a lot of the coaches in the farm system, scouts, talent evaluators, trainers – people we have never heard of- are also part of the problem. It is too easy to pin all of this on the GM. It may start with him, but I doubt it stops once he is gone, without a bunch of folks going with him….

Excellent post, Steve! Couldn’t agree more!

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