Asche Rests Ailing Hamstring

Cody AscheRyne Sandberg had a reason not to play Phillies third baseman Cody Asche today.

Asche is battling tendinitis in the left hamstring tendon. Cesar Hernandez started at third for a second consecutive game.

“Nothing severe,” Asche said. “I’ve been playing through it for about six or seven games. I don’t think the training staff really liked the way it was headed, so we’re just trying to kill it right now. We’ve got a pretty important stretch right now.”

Asche missed some time in early April because of a hamstring issue.

“It’s a little bit different,” he said.


It’s OK to see what Cesar Hernandez can do. I believe he may develop into a very good player. Let Cody get back to 100% before he plays again. These guys may be half of our future infield.

I’m interested to see what Cesar can bring. At least he seems to have some baseball IQ, unlike some outfielders I could mention…

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