Asche to DL

ascheCody Asche did not seem happy this morning at Citizens Bank Park.

It became clear why a couple hours later when the team announced Asche had been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left hamstring. The Phillies recalled right-hander Justin De Fratus from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to take his place on the roster.

The Phillies had been a man short in the bullpen since placing right-hander Luis Garcia on the DL on Friday, which is why they replaced a position player with a pitcher.

Asche only shrugged this morning when asked if his left hamstring had improved. He had not played since Thursday because of the injury. He tested the hamstring in the morning with some light jogging.

“No improvement,” Ryne Sandberg said.

Asche said yesterday he has been playing through the discomfort for about six or seven games. The athletic training staff had been treating it, but it did not like the way it seemed to be headed.

They hoped rest could help.

“We’re just trying to kill it right now,” Asche said yesterday. “We’ve got a pretty important stretch right now.”

Asche had been playing well offensively this month, hitting .317 with five doubles, three home runs, 12 RBIs and a .956 OPS in 17 games.

Cesar Hernandez started his third consecutive game at third base today.

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I feel bad for Cody Ashe being injured. This injury and yesterday no hit and leading the league in being shut out in our home ball park to me is the tipping point that the Phillies are officially broke from top to bottom. To be shut out 5 times in the last 10 games in a hitters ball park in a very mediocre league as MLBhas taken a chapter out of the NFL in parity. Also screening for steroids has also leveled the playing field as well. I do think Sandberg is trying to do his best although I think he is a left back 80s manager that today ball players aren’t wired the same in every aspect of the game. The person who needs to be accountable and fired is GM Rueben Amaro. He is solely responsible for the player selection, development, and sustainment of consistency. He has created an environment for complete collapse and a team of mediocrity. The man that he let go was mike arbuckle as he knew when the loyal organization, the phillies, to it’s own demise, let the brains go on attracting and building talent. There should ha e been a spot for both of these two different leaders. Phillies are in sell mode and should stop trying to put lipstick on this train wreck. Given Prince Fielder is out for season in Texas, I would deal Ryan Howard now and pay half his salary or whatever it takes. The rangers can use him as a DH when Fielder returns. The Phillies should unload everyone except Utley and Hamels. My only problem is I don’t trust Rueben to make the riight moves in an inferno sale of a team that gave us great joy for many years. Firing a GM and attracting someone to rebuild would be the move to make. It took 10 years to get to the golden era and it also took Pat Gillick to put it over the top. Rueben must go immediately for the benefit of the teams future success.

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