Your Latest Music Update

Jimmy RollinsHere is the latest update on the Phillies’ at-bat and warmup tunes. Selections are through May 30.

If you do not see somebody listed it means they have not chosen a song:


  • Cody Asche: Dat New New – Kid Cudi
  • Reid Brignac: Drop Tha Top – Boss Hogg Outlawz
  • Domonic Brown: In Da Wind – Trick Daddy and Move That Dope – Future
  • A.J. Burnett: Walking Dead Theme – Bear McCreary
  • Marlon Byrd: Get Like Me – David Banner and Work – DJ Smoke f/Gangstarr
  • Tony Gwynn Jr.: So Fresh So Clean – Outkast
  • Ryan Howard: They Don’t Love You No More – DJ Khaled
  • John Mayberry Jr.: Look Ahead – Future
  • Wil Nieves: No Soy Yo – Tony Vega
  • Ben Revere: Turn Down For What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon
  • Jimmy Rollins: Walk Thru – Rich Homie Quan
  • Darin Ruf: Awake and Alive – Skillet
  • Carlos Ruiz: In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins
  • Chase Utley: Kashmir – Led Zeppelin


  • Mike Adams: Intro – DMX
  • David Buchanan: Agnus Dei / Worthy – Third Day
  • A.J. Burnett: Black Skinhead – Kanye West
  • Cole Hamels: Thunderstruck – AC/DC
  • Kyle Kendrick: The Outsiders – Eric Church
  • Cliff Lee: Stranglehold – Ted Nugent
  • Jonathan Papelbon: Bout That Life – Meek Mill

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FUCK Rueben Amaro! He brings up POS Aumont – to try and make himself look less incompetent for hanging onto a loser – when Giles is READY! And in the process fucks his big league team. Amaro is an incompetent piece of shit who shouold be fireed yesterday, and is taking advantage of Montie’s dying to hang on and collect paychecks he has NEVER earned. I repeat: FUCK Reuben Amaro.

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