Your 2014 Phillies?

Ryne SandbergIt took 20 hours, 36 minutes to play a five-game series against the Mets.

It felt much longer.

The Phillies dropped four of five to the Mets, who entered the series tied with the Phillies for fourth place in the NL East. The Phillies, who have the third-highest payroll in baseball, now stand alone in last place, three games behind the third-place Nationals and Mets. The Phillies went 4-7 on their just completed homestand, which included their first no-hit loss since 1978 and one other shutout loss.

Are the Phillies worried this is who they are?

“I’m not a negative person, so, no,” Chase Utley said.

Does this team have the talent to win?

“We’ve showed better baseball before this series,” Ryne Sandberg said. “We’ve showed better baseball than we’ve played overall and I believe that the core group is there.”

But the evidence suggests otherwise. The Phillies are 24-31, two games worse than they were at this point last season when they lost 89 games. They can’t hit consistently. They can’t pitch consistently. There are fundamental mistakes every night. There is nothing right now to suggest this team can get on a hot streak.

“I’ll say that we’ve showed signs of fundamental baseball,” Sandberg said. “We’ve played better defense than we’ve played in this series. It’s just putting together the pitching, the defense, executing throughout the game and having some timely hits and some better support. Putting it all together or more of the parts of the game together to put together a game.”


This is EXACTLY like the mid-season swoon last season that got Chucklehead fired. But you have an entire roster of players who can’t learn or remember the fundamentals of baseball, and they just aren’t smart enough to do it. Amaro has assembled possibly the dumbest roster in all of baseball. They used to be able to outscore their mental errors, but these old guys can’t do that any more, and the young guys are AAAA players at best. So Sandberg’s hope that they can win playing smallball is delusional with this roster. And with the worst minor league talent in baseball – we have a Class A team that is 12-43!! – it is going to stay this way for another 5 years, more if Amaro is allowed to stay. Dump him now, and do what the Sixers did – it is our only hope. The window isn’t closing on that 2008 dream team core – it closed three years ago, and Amaro was too obtuse and too enamored of himself to recognize what the rest of baseball saw. I need to find another baseball team to follow, onee that at least has a chance to make the playoffs in the next 5 years.

Charlie must be laughing, or crying. Simple justice for the way he was treated, IMHO. They’d better find some real pitching talent. Lee is washed up, never did bring anything substantial to the team. Hamels is mediocre at best. The team hasn’t been the same since they gave that fat contract to Howard. It’s been downhill ever since.

I become less impressed with Sandburg, Bowa and McClure on a daily basis. This team is a mess, the farm system is a disaster and heading this class of clowns is Amaro and Montgomery. When Rube says, “fill in the blank isn’t ready yet to be a major leaguer yet”, you have to wonder if he even watches the slop that’s out there playing for the home team. This year is lost, bring up the kids (except Aumont who is terrible) and let’s see what we have. I remember a time not so long ago when I would look forward to knowing a game was on TV tonight or I was going to the game….no more.

I read these comments here, and I think “this is the most awful way to be a fan”. This is obviously a transition period between the outgoing generation of Phils (Rollins, Utley, Howard, Lee) and the next generation of players (Asche, Franco, Ruf, Biddle, Hernandez, Joseph, Crawford, etc). Accept that you are getting your last looks at your heroes, that you got such a great run with them, and cheer on the next gen as they begin getting their feet on the ground. There’s NO SENSE in being hateful. So called “fans” like some of these folks make me shameful to be a Phillies fan sometimes. Be better than this. Be smarter than this.

Oh, you’re no “fan” boomerang – at least not one that gives a damn. If you cared at all you would be angry at the way Rueben has destroyed this team. There is NO reason it should be this bad, this soon. And you obviously don’t know talent, because there IS no incoming generation. Just a bunch of AAAA players.

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