It’s A Start

A.J. BurnettThe Phillies had the worst record in the National League on June 8. They were 25-36, last in the division and seven games out of first place.

Sell, sell, sell!

But the Phillies are 9-4 since, which ties the Brewers and Dodgers for the best record in baseball in that span.


Hold on a second. Despite their recent run, the Phillies are just 34-40. They remain in last place and are five games out of first place. They have played better, but they still have a long way to go. Even if they replicate their 9-4 mark over their next 13 games, matching their best 26-game run (18-8) since Aug. 25 to Sept. 22, 2012, they still would be a game under .500 on July 5. And at that point there are still 22 games remaining before the 4 p.m. trade deadline on July 31.

In other words, there is a ton of baseball to play before the Phillies hit the trade deadline. They need to keep going and they need to keep playing well over the next several weeks. Because the Phillies front office doesn’t need to do anything until 3:49 p.m. July 31, if they don’t want to.


This run is fool’s gold. I’ll enjoy these little spurts of good baseball, sandwiched between really bad baseball for the rest of the season. Much like the 76’ers, gotta blow it up and start over. No relief from the farm system in sight, so trade them for prospects and gird up for competitive ball, hopefully in 2020. Problem is, with Amaro and his band of scouts, player personnel, senior advisors and minor league instructors, we are likely to get back a bunch of Tyson Gilles and Phillipe Aumonts.
I’ve survived 1964, and seen the 76-78, ’80’, ’83’, ’93, 2008 and 2009 teams in my lifetime and players like Roberts, Ashburn, Carlton, Schmidt, Utley, Hamels, Rollins and Howard. More bad seasons than good and I suspect we are in for a depressing next few years with .300 Monty at the helm. Only attendance dropping like a stone will get this ownership groups attention and drive a significant front office and cultural change from top to bottom.

“Fool’s gold” was my thought exactly. ANY delay in breaking down and re-building is going to extend the length of time before we get competitive again, from one or two years, best case, to five or six years, in the Rueben scenario. Fans won’t come back to CBP until an actual competitive team is on the field. The one we have now is not.

only problem with breaking it down and starting again is with what? Jroll won’t waive veto, what can we serriously get for Utley? Lee would bring a return if healthy, but he’s not. Hamels could bring a few good kids. No one else on team brings more then a mid range prospect at best. with nonone in minors ready, its hard to begin to break it doen.
Problem 2 is the idiots who would be chosing the prosepct we get back. Anyone serrously want to trade Hamels for 3-5 prospects that RAJ picks? We’ve done that route once and we got jack shit in return. We do it again>

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