Phillies Quiet As Deadline Approaches

Ruben Amaro Jr.,If anything is going to happen before today’s 4 p.m. trade deadline it is going to happen at the last minute.

But a last-minute deal is tough to imagine.

The Phillies are facing numerous obstacles in trying to trade veterans players like Cliff Lee, Jonathan Papelbon, A.J. Burnett and Marlon Byrd. First, two teams have to agree on players to be exchanged. That is difficult enough to do. Second, the four players I mentioned are owed big-time money following this season. Lee is owed $37.5 million ($52.5 million if a 2016 club option vests). Papelbon is owed $13 million ($26 million if a 2016 club option vests). Burnett could pick up a player option worth $12.75 million, if he makes 32 starts this season. And Byrd is owed $8 million ($16 million if a 2016 club option vests). The money is a big issue for teams, although the Phillies have told teams they are willing to eat money to get the right players in return. But even if the Phillies agree on the players and they money, they still have to work through no-trade clauses, although I believe Lee, Papelbon, Burnett and Byrd would say yes.

Another factor, I believe, is teams believe the Phillies are desperate to pull the trigger, so they are going to wait for Ruben Amaro Jr. to cave. But sources have said the Phillies are comfortable with holding onto these players and trying again in August before the Aug. 31 waiver trade deadline. And if the Phillies fail to make a deal then, they can still try to trade these guys in the offseason.


If we could just get some consistent run support we could make a run with this team. The Braves are awful. It’ll be a full charge towards the Nationals. We need more than 10 doubles out of HOWARD and some slugging out of the outfield.

Offer for Byrd is “embarrassing”?? ONLY in Rube’s delusional, SABRE-less peabrain. If we get a bag of balls back, and get out from under another Terrible contract, that’s good enough. What a jerk! WHO else was even bidding on Byrd?? And WE had to give him an option year PLUS a no-trade clause?? What, is his dad a secret major-leaguer? Or is Byrdie a secret Stanford grad? Maybe he’s half-Cuban, Like the Boob. Ohter GMs are laughing at the arrogance and incompetence in the Phillies front office.

why is raj still employed? so confused

Ruben Amaro has a lot of questions to answer after this debacle.

I doubt Todd Zolecki will be the one asking them though. He’s been painfully loyal to Ruben Amaro and the Front Office.
I get that he gets his salary from the MLB. But that doesn’t mean that he has to tow the company line the whole time.

I don’t wish any bad for Zolecki really. I just wish he’d show a lot more journalistic integrity.

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