Montgomery: Amaro Is Not On Hot Seat

Ryan Howard, David MontgomeryThe Phillies might have the third-highest payroll in baseball, but they are going to miss the postseason for the third consecutive year.

But Phillies president David Montgomery‘s support for general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has not wavered publicly, including yesterday at the organization’s Baseball 101 Clinic and Luncheon for Women at Citizens Bank Park.

“Ruben is not on the hot seat,” he told a large group of Phillies fans during a question-and-answer session.

The comment hit Twitter shortly thereafter. Montgomery could not be reached later for further comment.

Montgomery has continually supported Amaro, despite nearly constant criticism from outside the organization. He told in February, “I think we have somebody whose experience working under two general managers served him well and positioned him to be very effective at his job. We — we — need to do better.”

He told The Philadelphia Inquirer in June, “I think we have pretty good people doing these jobs. We saw, over a long period, pretty good success with this group of people. Obviously, Ruben is part of that group.”


In other words, expect them to “reload” on the fly this offseason by offering huge contracts to Scherzer and/or Lester.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

No problem Monty….I for one, won’t have my butt in your blue seats next year either.
Just like this year.

If Amaro,JR is not on the hot seat, then Montgomery must replace him. It is quite obvious that Montgomery is the problem and not the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is disturbing. It has already been too long since the glory ride. Time to break loose from the reasons the team has been so ineffective. Amaro is at the top of the list.

If it’s broke, don’t fix it.

I call for a day of NO SHOWS just to get the owners, the GM and other notables used to the idea of empty seats

Excellent idea, Shirley. I cannot imagine what David Montgomery is thinking (oh, he is not thinking.) The 3rd HIGHEST PYROLL IN BASEBALL AND THE PHILLIES ARE IN LAST PLACE. I suspect Amaro will never be fired and he realizes that (arrogance is very evident) but please move him up in the organization away from decision making. Why was so easy to fire Ed Wade when essentially the team that won the world series was constructed by Wade. Now, the team is in LAST PLACE and Amaro gets a vote of confidence!!!! The whole organization is LOONEY.

this should be no surprise for anyone. The loyalty this team has is at once its greatest strength and weakness. I still think the problem extends far beyond RAJ, in the talent evaluators, the farm system, etc. But he’s the one signing those stupid contracts. That’s on RAJ alone.

31,000 fans showed up to see a last place Phillies team play the other night, we’ve become like Cubs fans… We just plain love those ‘lovable losers’ – vote with the tickets and stop buying them until we get the results we see as crystal clear… Ruben must go!

Come on, people. Montie is using baseball speak: war is peace; love is hate; confidence in Ruin is dumping Ruin.


just saw from Salisbury that next yr is RAJ’s last year of contract. That makes a little more sense now, might as well see it through rather than pay him and someone else. Should be no quick turnaround no matter who they hire….

So isn’t this about the time a GM would be getting an extension or, at least there would be talk about an extension?

I cannot handle “see it thru” WHY! The Phillies (Amaro) have wasted MILLIONS of dollars on RIDICULOUS contracts —- it certainly would not be a waste to pay him off NOW and move on hopefully to a respectable team.

They can say they plan to regroup quickly but that is impossible. These contracts have tied the team up for the next couple of years. They are loaded with players nobody wants at any price. The bullpen now starts to look like the best part of the team in the future.

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