Amaro: No Changes Coming with Gillick in Charge

Gillick Likes The Phils' ChancesRuben Amaro Jr. had a short, but simple message to his players this afternoon at Citi Field:

Pat Gillick is in charge while Phillies president David Montgomery takes a leave of absence to recover from jaw bone cancer surgery, but that does not mean changes are coming to the organization. In fact, Amaro said, it will be business as usual.

“Pat Gillick will be in (Montgomery’s) stead on an interim basis,” Amaro said he told players at Citi Field. “I’m the GM. That’s not going to change. Ryno’s the manager. That’s not going to change. And we’ll go about our business status quo. I’ll report to Pat. Ryne (Sandberg) will report to me. And this is merely on an interim basis.”

Amaro was very emphatic that his role as general manager and Sandberg’s role as manager are not going to change. But there is reason for that. Sources said Gillick has spoken to multiple people on the baseball operations staff since he assumed his new role and assured them they can go about their business without fear of change.

Sandberg confirmed he spoke yesterday with Gillick.

“Everything is status quo, yes,” Sandberg said about the conversation.

So no changes to anything regarding baseball operations?

“There’s no change,” Amaro said.

Even given the fact Gillick has such an extensive baseball background? He was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010 for his immense success as a general manager. He served as the Phillies’ GM from 2005-08, building the team that won the 2008 World Series.

“There’s no change,” Amaro repeated.

Asked if he expects this to last through the season, Amaro said, “Whenever David’s back and physically able to come back he will be back and he will take his role. … We’re all concerned about David, and that’s really the priority, is David.”

Other than that, the Phillies said little.

“We’re not really at liberty to really discuss much more about it,” Amaro said.

“Just prayers and thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery,” Sandberg said. “I’m supposed to keep this at a minimum. I think it was already addressed. I was advised to keep it at a minimum.”


This self-assured lack of humility is exactly why I do not like Amaro. Every answer from him contains a sense of dogmatic arrogance. There is never a scintilla of insecurity about him; there is never, and I mean never, a doubt or an open thought that his job security should be questioned. Every day in my job I have to question myself as to whether I am falling behind or whether I don’t have the right stuff anymore. Not Amaro; he’s always right, just like Mussolini.

He is arrogant and condescending because he will never be fired. He has done a putrid job as GM and everybody is cognizant of it except the powers to be. Therefore move him out of that position to another area in the organization. Give him a title and an office and be done with him—PLEASE!

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I’ll be a Phils fan until I close my eyes, but I’m surely not a Ruben fan iny any way. He’s made so many poor decisions & continues to force his way, his choices, his lineup selections, his will on a team that has struggled under his recent reign. Personnel changes on many levels need to be made sooner rather than later. Starting with Ruben, then moving through the scouting folks, on to the minor league coaches, and finally to the major league team as it stands now. Ruben should NOT be in a position to make any of these decisions. He should be the FIRST to go. The damage caused by the current administration when considering the talent on the field each night is immense. We need to lose Howard, Brown, Bastardo for starters. Then we need to take a clear minded look at the rest of the bullpen, especially Papelbon. Kendrick should not pitch another game in Philly except for some other team. We have some young talent in Ruf, Asche and a group of up comers from AAA ball. Time to unload the old, the tired, the useless, the arrogant, the do nothings, the don’t cares. Time is NOW for change on all levels.

Buster Olney made a poignant observation on Twitter a couple of days ago on this topic, one that would have slipped by me honestly. How is this guy given the authority to say what will or will not happen while Montgomery is away? He still has a boss, albeit an interim one. Who allows this guy to come on and say things that his boss should be saying, someone who has been with this organization a whole lot longer? There is some strange shit going on behind the scenes in this franchise…

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