Amaro: Expect Significant Changes to Roster

Ruben Amaro Jr.Change is coming.

Ruben Amaro Jr. said today there will be more adjustments to the Phillies’ roster in the future, following yesterday’s trade that sent John Mayberry Jr. to Toronto for Minor League third baseman Gustavo Pierre.

“Not that it’s a huge change, but we’re going to have to start churning the roster in a way that it’s going to have to be improved,” Amaro said in the press box at Turner Field.

Does he believe those changes could be significant?

“I do,” he said. “I think we need it. I think we need it because what we have on our roster right now is not working. How much we’ll do will depend on what makes sense for us. We’re still kind of assessing what we have. But I think it would behoove us to make some change because we need to be better.”

Amaro declined to say if those changes could extend to staff and management positions, although he said Friday there will be no changes at GM or manager while Pat Gillick serves as interim president.

“I’m not going to get into specifics,” he said. “We have to be better.”

There is no question the roster does not have enough talent to win, but there also is a staleness in the clubhouse. It might be a good idea to move some players simply to get fresh faces and perspectives in there.

Amaro said that could be a factor when shaping next season’s roster.

“There are a lot of factors,” Amaro said. “How a player will fit short term and long term for us. What guys bring to the table on and off the field. All those things. Intangibles. We have to assess all those things. And we’ll look to improve in all those areas.”

But money will make the job difficult. The Phillies are loaded with players with expensive contracts, which they have been unable to move in the past. They could find the same issues in the offseason.

“We have a lot of ideas where we want to go, but to crystallize those we’ll have to see how things go, particularly when we have a chance to see some of the guys called up here,” Amaro said. “We have a lot of decisions to make. I think it’s a good thing. Change is going to be good in certain ways. Consistency is important too. I think we have a lot to assess, but we have a pretty good idea where we want to go. We just have to start thinking about the execution of those things.”


I would like the changes to start with the removal of YOU. 50 year fan i am sir, and you have destroyed this team from the farm to the show. Please leave. For some reason management loves you. So the chances of you getting fired are slim. So just do us all a favor and just quit.

Well said — I agree wholeheartedly!!

Well said…AMEN…rich

A last place team trading away a borderline major leaguer who tops out as a platoon outfielder and has already passed his 30th birthday? It doesnt get any bolder than that. The last time they made such sweeping changes was the Michael Martinez blockbuster.

I generally don’t believe that change for change’s sake is a good plan. Changes have to be potential improvements, or you might be better off sticking with what you have. The ideal, of course, is to develop players through the minor leagues, and the Phillies have had a pretty good record of doing that (look at the current roster- Rollins, Utley, Howard, Brown, Ruiz, Asche, Hamels, many of the current relief pitchers, Marlon Byrd (even though he was gone for a number of years), Freddie Galvis, and others. I think that trades involving current major leaguers for exceptional prospects would make sense (even though the Phillies have to have trade partners that feel the players offered are worth their top prospects!)
I think within a couple of years the Phillies will be competing again. The most obvious problem right now is starting pitching. It will be interesting to watch over the off seasaon!

The director of player personel who oversaw the farm system left when Amaro took over as GM,

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No farm to speak of, at this time. Trades as noted, we have little hope of trading huge contracts in poorly performing veterans. The G M leaves much to be desired for a building program. Only hope here I think,sadly, is buy your wY to respectability over the next season or two, carefully build your farm system, jettison the deadwood now, and owners will need to lay out sufficient money to be competitive or attendance will continue to plummet. As fans we supported the team for years. Now if we are to continue support, show us you are prepared to provide us something to cheer for, hope for, and be proud of. Just my two cents…rich

This is like watching reruns on TV… We all knew this after last season…. Somebody tell me why Amaro still has a job…

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Mike Arbuckle should have gotten his job back in 2009. Some have said he went to KC and did not do anything to help them. Take a look at KC now. Pay whatever he wants and bring back Arbuckle for GM. He’s done a great job finding talent in ATL, PHL, and now KC.

“We’re still kind of assessing what we have.” Wow. That says it all. The Boob has no idea what he has. Well, WE know what he has – a pile of manure. No WAY I think this guy has the skills to assemble a contender.

I have to agree with SJDinAudbon. What are they still assessing? They’ve been losing with the same team for multiple years. Where has Amaro been, on a deserted island? They should know what they have by now, and that’s a losing roster. If they need to assess the younger players in AAA, why wait til September? The team’s been in last place for so long, why didn’t they bring up some minor league players to start the ‘assessment’ months ago?

Until Ruin Tmorrow is gone, there is no hope that they will be rebuiding into a pennant contender. He’s stll assessing the talent (what talent?). I’m afraid he will trade away the very few exceptional players we have (start with Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon) and get several guys batting 240 in single A. With Ruben at the helm, it will be a long time between championships

Was happy to see Ruben realized getting rid of Mayberry was not a ” huge change”!
Glad he noticed that it would ‘behoove the the Phils to make some changes to get better.’ This proves he notices there is a need for change. Bet Gillick notices too. Wonder if Gillick notices the poor assessment of player talent and poor judgement of excessive payments in long term contracts?
As for things getting stale in the clubhouse, wonder if Gillick will notice a stale, hungover smell in the office every morning?

I have been a Phillies fan for 68 years. Why is Amaro still there? The first change that needs to be made is the firing of Amaro. He has destroyed what used to be one of the best teams in baseball.

Amaro has destroyed this team with his overzealous contracts for washed up players along with his poor drafting and player development. I will not pay for another ticket until this bat boy turned office boy is shown the door. Ed

The Phillies will continue on this downward spiral until they replace the GM.The Ryan Howard contract should be reason enough for dismissal,instead he remains as GM and continues to make some of the worst deals in MLB history.

I’d like to see a significant change to the GM position.

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