Is Revere Part of Phillies’ Plans?

Ben RevereThe Phillies need to get creative this offseason to improve an offense that badly needs help.

They will look for improvement in the outfield.

Marlon Byrd could be traded. The organization also might move on from Domonic Brown. But what about Ben Revere? He entered Thursday’s series finale against the Padres at Petco Park hitting .306 with 13 doubles, seven triples, two home runs, 25 RBIs, 46 stolen bases and a .690 OPS.

Despite a second-half surge, Revere’s .689 OPS as a center fielder ranks 19th out of 26 qualifying center fielders.

“I can say that he’s made very good strides in different parts of his game,” said Ryne Sandberg, who stopped short when he was asked if he views Revere as an everyday center fielder for a National League team. “I think he’s really improved his stolen base capability, a little bit more aggressive. His bat has come alive like we saw at times last year for a long stretch and I think that he’s improved on his outfield play with some added work and a change of the routine. I think overall he’s made improvement which goes a long way with him being an everyday center fielder.”

The Phillies certainly could use more power from Revere, and Sandberg said he thinks Revere has it.

“I actually think that he has the ability to hit 30 to 35 to 40 doubles with the way that he makes contact,” he said. “He’s strong. I think that should be the next thing for him is to hit 35 to 40 doubles in the season, hit in the gaps. We see it all season long in batting practice, there is no reason that shouldn’t translate into games and certain situations with certain pitches.

“It might be a little bit of a mindset change. He tries to hit it on the ground and he really tries to work it up the middle, which I think is the approach that he has probably been told for a number of years. But I think he has the ability to turn on the ball and hit the ball the other way to left center, to right center, down both lines.”


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Awful lot of “I think” in there that many of us don’t think is there. What drives me nuts about Sandberg is he references things players don’t do well that he and his coaching staff have had a year and change to fix or modify. Revere needs a “mindset change” because of things he’s been told for a number of years? So is he stupid or just ignoring you Ryno? Like Howard does.

Guy hits .300+ and steals almost 50 bases and Sandberg isn’t sure about it, meanwhile the right side of the infield has killed the team and left field is a joke. While it could have been better (with walks), as many times as Revere has been on base this year – just think of having any pop or consistent hitters below him would’ve done for the offense…… there are bigger issues with this team than CF.

In theory, you’re right….Revere isn’t much of a problem. But when you rely on him to be on base at the TOP of a lineup with a .326 OBP it does become a issue. Think back to how we all viewed JRoll as more of a 2-5-6-7 hitter because he didn’t get on base. The years before his MVP season he was at best .348. Revere isn’t the problem, but he’s not a very good leadoff man….he’d be fantastic at 7-8.

He is a young player and I have seen much improvement in his play, both offensively, and defensively. Having a couple of front line corner outfielders around him would solve a lot of problems. They could keep Sizemore as the 4th outfielder as insurance. Now, where do they find 2 corner outfielders?

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teach the kid to take a walk every now and then and you have a great lead off threat. Not convinced he’s a CF, but a corner OF for sure. I’d love to see him get his OBP up to .380 or so and watch out

agree. They need to keep him for his OPS and BA if nothing else. Without him, they have no viable leadoff hitter. All 8 position players do not need to be power hitters. Plus, from all I’ve been seeing on Twitter, seems like everyone is looking for bats and competition for them will be tough. Better hang onto this one…..

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