Phillies Refute Report

The Phillies this morning refuted a TV report last night that Phillies president David Montgomery had been ousted from his position in August, and that limited partner John Middleton is making a push to own the majority of the franchise.

Multiple sources also refuted the report.

Montgomery took a leave of absence in August to recover from jaw bone cancer surgery. Pat Gillick took his place as interim president.

FOX 29 called it a “convenient story.”

“Contrary to the Fox 29 report last night, David Montgomery’s leave of absence from the Phillies is entirely due to his medical condition, as previously announced,” the team said in a statement. “There is absolutely no other reason for his leave from active involvement in the Phillies management.”

Regarding the reported ownership shakeup, the Phillies said, “Over the life of the Phillies partnership no one entity or family has owned a majority of the partnership, and we do not foresee this changing in the future.”


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That’s a shame, they probably would have got a nice bump in season ticket orders if it was true.

Be nice to see change really need to move forward

I’m surprised they didn’t leave that rumor unaddressed for a while. As jimmymack pointed out, it could have only helped them sell tickets. I’m super disappointed, to be honest!

Why change anything? I mean every time anything comes out that might get fans to give a rats arse again…doesn’t happen. Phils ownership and management are the laughing stock of MLB and they don’t seem to have a clue.

OH GREAT! No changes where needed. So maybe the Phillies break the 90 loss column next year! Whoopie!


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