Utley Is Gold Glove Finalist

Chase Utley will have a shot at his first Gold Glove early next month.

He is one of three finalists for the Rawlings Gold Glove Award for National League second basemen. Cincinnati’s Brandon Phillips and Colorado’s DJ LeMahieu are the other two finalists.

Utley committed 11 errors with a .985 fielding percentage this season. Phillips committed two with a .996 fielding percentage, while LeMahieu had six with a .991 fielding percentage. But Utley’s 8.2 ultimate zone rating ranked second to LeMahieu (10.7), according to FanGraphs.

Utley’s 10.4 defense rating also ranked second to LeMahieu (12.7).


Seems that would make La Mahieu #1

Would love to see this happen! If it wasn’t for so many errors, every season, Chase would probably have 5 Gold Gloves, by now.

I don’t know WHERE they get those phony numbers from! Utley was a shell of his former self out in the field this year. His range – never all that great – is down to about one or two steps to either side. And HOW many balls just clanged off his mitt this year on not-so-hard plays? Ten? A dozen? More? And his arm! Jeez, it is painful to watch him decide whether to throw underhand or that sidearm sling. He just about has Steve Sax disease. The ONLY thing he does decently any more is turn the double play. No WAY he was anything close to Gold Glove this year. Those days are long gone for him. The ONLY position he is suited for these days is FIRST BASE.

Well, Bobby Abreu won one, so I guess anything’s possible.

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