Could Phillies Be Interested In Maddon?

joe maddonJoe Maddon is regarded as one of the best managers in baseball, and he unexpectedly became a free agent today when he opted out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Could the Phillies be interested in Maddon?

“We have a manager,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said this afternoon. “Ryne Sandberg is our manager.”

So no plans to speak to him?

“Like I said, we have a manager,” Amaro said.

Maddon already has said he wants to manage next season. He told and MLB Network insider Ken Rosenthal that, “I have interest everywhere right now. I’ve got to hear what everyone has to say.”

Sandberg is signed through 2016. The Phillies finished 73-89 and last in the National League East in his first full season after replacing Charlie Manuel in August 2013. He did not have much to work with, but he had his struggles. A lack of communication with players was a problem at times and, like most managers, his in-game decisions were criticized. But interim president Pat Gillick and Amaro have supported him.

“It was a very good learning experience for him,” Amaro said about Sandberg earlier this month. “First time manager on a team that’s an aging team that has an expectation of winning. And with some of the bumps and bruises we had over the course of the year, I think Ryno is the man for the job. I also think Ryno is going through a similar learning process that is associated with being a first-year manager. And so I believe in him. I know that he is dedicated and focused on putting the Phillies where they need to be, and I feel very good about his instincts and ability to get us to where we need to go.”

Maddon’s agent is expected to talk to numerous teams with managers already under contract. Some manager somewhere could suddenly find himself out of a job.

“For me, it’s not my responsibility to think for other organizations,” Maddon told Rosenthal. “I’m controlling what I can. … At the end of the day, I would never ask or tell an organization what to do. That’s not my business.”


One of the best managers in baseball (and a fan favorite) is handed to you on a silver platter, and this is the response. RAJ continues to be closed-minded, and make terrible decisions. $2.5 million for Jerome Williams? Really?
I wish RAJ would be relieved his his duties, and the new GM would make Joe Madden his first transaction.

If you read RAJ’s comments, he did not say “no”. Why tip your hand? What if you talk to Maddon and it doesn’t work out? Then you’ve completely undermined Sandberg in the locker room. They’re probably interested, but know that Maddon is going to get better offers.

Awww, man, I would KILL to have Maddon as manager!!! That headline is just one big tease!

Sure Maddon is better that Sandberg. However I think the question is would Maddon be interested in the Phillies.

Could Christmas come early for Phillies fans? Sandberg has shown nothing, which may indicate why the Cubs passed him over. Empty seats next year may be less if Madden came on board.

Sandberg didn’t have a chance. He was forced to play Captain K every day and bat 4th to get his numbers up. Sandberg would have had a much, much higher win %-age if he had free reign to make up the lineup his way. Micromanagement by Doofus Amaro and Montgomery kept the Phils from winning. Howard should have been benched most of the season.

You got that RIGHT!!

Zero chance he wants to go to Philly. Why would he?

What different results do you expect from Maddon with the veterans still playing out their hefty contracts and only a few legit kids to bring up? Better to stick with Ryno, let him develop during these down years and let him grow with the new team as it comes together in 2015/2016.

hire madden, fire amaro ! then get rid of all the dead wood on the roster. starting with Howard , Papelbon ,and Brown , and Kendrick!

That’s just not going to happen. So then you’re paying top dollar for a manager who can’t win with this talent, who leaves for a better opportunity as soon as it comes along. Meanwhile, Ryno continues to get better, and coaches another team into the playoffs. It’s not the most unlikely scenario. Stick with Ryno, continue to make seek trades to unload salary where you can, and make small signings like Williams and Sizemore to keep the some level of talent on the club until 2016/2017 when things really begin to change.

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