Ownership Looking Closely at Amaro

Ruben Amaro, Jr.Phillies chairman David Montgomery hired Ruben Amaro Jr. as Pat Gillick’s replacement as general manager in 2008.

Amaro’s contract expires at the end of the year, and his status is unclear following a pair of 89-loss seasons, including a last place finish in the National League East in 2014, despite a franchise-record $180 million payroll. Montgomery and Gillick have expressed their support for Amaro, but Montgomery acknowledged today on MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM that the Phillies’ ownership group is watching closely and a collective decision will be made about Amaro’s future.

“We think we have a pretty quality guy in that role,” Montgomery said. “At the same time, I have a partnership group … they are looking at this closely as well. The reality is that we have a GM that we think is effective. We have a Hall of Fame GM in our midst as well. If Pat spends an entire year or two close with Ruben, I think he’ll have a very good idea to how effective Ruben is and collectively a decision will be made.”

Amaro has traded Jimmy Rollins, Marlon Byrd and Antonio Bastardo this offseason as the team rebuilds for the future. Gillick has said the team will not be competitive until 2017 or 2018, but signs of improvement at the big-league level and encouraging progress from the team’s prospects could help Amaro’s cause.


What is there to look? #FIREAMARO NOW!!!

In a year or 2.Like Monty said

Please get rid of Amaro.

Wren IN ATL must’ve tutored under Amaro giving huge undeserved contracts to BJ Upton and Chris Johnson. At least Hart knew he had to rebuild coming in. Good ole boy friends always take too long to get the axe. Amaro should have been gone at the end of last year

” we have a GM that we think is effective”….Monty must still be on heavy medications. 2015 will be another last place finish. Howard and Pap are still here. Amaro won’t let any young players play because he is so paranoid about “starting the clock” on service time. Sandberg has no talent to field, so nobody knows for sure he is even major league capable as a manager. If ever an organization needed an enema, this is it. Gillick, Green and Manual are all senior advisors and God only knows if Rube listens or ignores them because the team still sucks. And the scouting and player personnel people haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory the past few years under Amaro. Loyalty to past players hasn’t worked out for the Flyers, so why does this this ownership group cling to the same formula? I’d rather watch a bunch of up and coming kids lose than finish in last place again with the garbage we rollout on the field now. Clean house now or enjoy the vista of a sea of empty blue seats for the next few years.

I believe Amaro was not allowed by Montgomery to begin restructuring earlier. He has done well so far this year.

Has done well in what way? Just some salary dump moves but still have Howard and Papalbon in the way of young players that need the ABs and innings so they can develop.

Dream on Phillies. Amaro is terrible and ownership will figure that out by end of year when hopefully there will be no one in the stands. He took over a great team and made no moves but to destroy the team and the whole minor league system. He didnt do it alone but this whole organization needs to be rebuilt and ownership keeps saying they have good people. Wake up!!!

Gave up my tickets after many years and won’t come back until Amaro is replaced.

Your not the only one. I won’t put another dollar into this greedy team that doesn’t realize Amaro is not a GM unless GM stands for Goofy Moron. Thirty eight years is more than enough when they keep acting like they are on the fence about RAJ. I am beginning to wonder if it is Amaro who is messing up when I read Montgomery’s silly ass comments about taking more time to evualate him. What else do they need, another drop of a million fans?

Well said Rich Bauer. It will take another season with another 500,000 less fans before the entire organization and the ownership will finally get the message and bring in a GM from another team. And it will take giving Howard a check for $60 million and a goodbye handshake- hopefully before the season begins.

Hey Phillies, my family and I had season tix from 2008 through 2013. We couldn’t take the ineptitude in the front office anymore and dropped them. I would rather watch the Sixers with their .200 winning percentage than the Phils with their .400 winning percentage because at least they have a forward thinking approach. There is hope there, but none here. Ever hear of the value of a walk? Your GM thinks they are bad. We will be back when you get someone in charge who isn’t stuck in 1970s baseball thinking mode.

How many more quality players will be traded until we get something in return? Now the Phils are talkin about movin Lee !! come on Front office we the fans are frustrated

What is there to evaluate ? Amaro was given a World Series winning team in 2009 and it has been in steady DECLINE since. His contracts are absolutely ridiculous to the point he cannot trade the player UNLESS HE PAYS THEM TO PLAY FOR ANOTHER TEAM – THAT IS ASSINE ! He does NOT understand baseball and I am beginning to think neither does the ownership group . 180 million dollar payroll and a last place finish – that in itself begs for CHANGE ! What was the payroll of the Kansas City Royals ? If Amaro had any consideration for the Phillies or the fans , he would resign – PLEASE !!

I don’t remember anyone complaining about the Lee, Halladay and Hamels deals when they were done. People loved them on the front end but now we pay on the back end.
Howard and Papelbon deals were questionable although Papelbon did perform.
I still believe Amaro was forced by Montgomery to not sit Howard and to resign Utley Rollins and Chooch.
They will probably replace Amaro but the most important move was kicking Montgomery up and out of decision-making. So replacing Amaro and Gillick will be needed. Not just one

You know as much about baseball and the Phillies as Amaro does and that is ZILCH ! Gillick gave you a World Series win in 2008 and Montgomery hired Gillick . After 6 years with Amaro we are in LAST PLACE after spending 180 million dollars in 2014 !!

Time for Ruin Tomorrow to go! I’ve seen enough!

Isn’t it obvious that this front office is stuck in the past? How much longer can we sit by and let the same old stuff take place? is it not MORE than obvious that the track record of the the present needs to be ghosts of the the past!?

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