Lee’s Elbow Feels Same After Bullpen Session

Cliff LeeCliff Lee’s left elbow did not improve today at Bright House Field, but it also felt no worse.

He threw a bullpen session in the morning, a few days after a MRI exam reconfirmed a tear in his common flexor tendon. Lee entered Spring Training feeling fine after a winter of rehab, but the discomfort in his elbow returned following a start last Thursday.

“I got through it,” Lee said today. “There’s still something there. Same as yesterday.”

Lee, 36, is trying to test the elbow to see if he can pitch through it. If he cannot, season-ending surgery is the next option, although Lee has not said if he would have surgery to continue his career. His five-year, $120 million contract expires at the end of the season, although the deal includes a $12.5 million buyout on a $27.5 million club option for 2016.

Thursday could be an important day for him. He hopes he feels OK.

“If it starts to progress worse than obviously that’s a pretty telling sign,” he said. “If it maintains how it is then I’ll keep going.”


Does anyone ever question the credibility of the Phillies medical staff and their partners? “No surgery needed” was the call last August. Had he had surgery, he would be in his 6th month of rehab…now he will be shot for the season. Medical team is as bad as the on field team.

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