BREAKING: Halladay Fan Still a Mystery

halladay tshirtRoy Halladay dropped into Phillies camp today, and I really wanted to ask him one question:

Did the guy in the Halladay t-shirt ever come forward?

Some background: Halladay on Jan. 11 tweeted a photo of himself at Busch Gardens, smiling and giving the thumbs up while standing behind a man in a red Halladay t-shirt. The man didn’t recognize him, so Halladay tweeted, “Oopps you missed me! Walked right by me! Hope he gets to see his pic with me on Twitter, he doesn’t know we took this.”

“Never showed up,” Halladay said. “The guy walked right by me. He stopped up at the rail and so I went up and my wife took the picture. I walked right in front of him and he had no clue, no clue.”

Halladay then mentioned a photo John Stamos posted recently on Instagram. Stamos stood in front of the “Full House” house with oblivious fans in the background.

“My wife is going, ‘Look what we started!” Halladay said with a smile.

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