What A Month

Chase UtleyChase Utley put his month of April into perspective Thursday in St. Louis, but what an April overall for the Phillies’ offense.


  • They were 29th in batting average (.223), 29th in on-base percentage (.280), 29th in slugging percentage (.330) and 30th in OPS (.609).
  • They were 30th in runs per game (2.74). It was the fourth-worst showing by an offense since 2004. Only the 2012 Pirates (2.64), 2014 Padres (2.66) and 2013 Marlins (2.70) fared worse. The Phillies scored three runs last night to boost their season average to 2.75. If they maintain that pace — I’ve got to think they won’t — it would be the seventh-lowest scoring average in baseball since 1884.
  • A big problem is a lack of production in the middle of the lineup. Maybe Utley’s three-run home run last night gets him going a little bit. The Phillies’ No. 3 hitters are 29th in baseball with a .582 OPS. Their No. 4 hitters are 30th at .413 and their No. 5 hitters are 28th at .560. They are only in the top half at one spot: No. 2, a spot held mostly by Freddy Galvis (nine games) and Odubel Herrera (nine games).

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