Angels Get Outfielder, Revere Sticking Around?

Ben RevereFor now it looks like Ben Revere is remaining with the Phillies. reported this afternoon the Angels acquired outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhius from the Mets.

The Phillies and Angels had been talking about a Revere trade for some time, sources had told The Phillies wanted at least one Minor League player in return, but the sides could not reach an agreement.

The Angels are expected to continue looking for ways to boost their offense, so perhaps the Phillies and Angels will keep talking.

The Phillies have been trying to trade Revere because of an imminent logjam in the outfield. Cody Asche is learning to play left field in Triple-A. Right fielder Domonic Brown also is in Triple-A. Both are expected to rejoin the Phillies at some point, which means other players will have to move.

The Phillies have committed to Odubel Herrera in center field, which has made Revere movable. Outfielder Grady Sizemore also could be an odd man out. He hits left-handed like Herrera, Asche, Brown and Revere. He entered Wednesday hitting .191 (25-for-131) with no home runs, six RBIs and a .472 OPS since Aug. 8, 2014.

Nieuwenhius had been designated for assignment May 19. It only the Angels cash to acquire him.


So I guess I am confused about one thing. Why are they expecting Dom Brown, who can’t stay in the Majors, to be a better option than Revere, who, while he is not exactly Ichiro out there, has proven to be a competent MLB player in the field and at the plate. He’s hit at or close to 0.300 the last 3 seasons for crying out loud! Sure, not a lot of power, but that is only a liability if the rest of your lineup has no power. I guess I am a little confused on that. They are the same age, so honestly, this makes no sense. Both are only signed through 2015. Both make very little ($1m vs 4m). Do they think they will get a better deal for Revere vs Brown?

Honestly it’s partially RAJ’s fault to begin with when it comes to Brown. We had a hitting coach that was able to work with Brown (.272/27HR), and he let him walk. Plus moving Brown up/down constantly wasn’t helping either.

I Personally like Nieuwenhius; he’s got good tools. But he hasn’t really produced any results at the big league level. Ben Revere is probably still under consideration for the Angels, unless Nieuwenhius somehow does a 180…..but I doubt he’ll pull a Justin Turner.

TZ- Please, an update is long overdo… Where is our fav man of steel, our statue of baseball awesomeness (whether on the DL or on the mound) Clifton Pfeifer Lee?! Hurt arm and all, his bat prob be better than this unsightly horse manure we are being subject to sniff these days in the ballpark?!?! He’s selling his Philly condo, clearly he has no intention of returning to Philly. Is he pulling a wait til the end of season to announce retirement. Between him, Halliday, and the demise of the best team that should of become basically what SF has now become these last 3 yrs instead, the pain is beyond unbearable. The demise of a team that had the most potential in Phillies history ever to actually win several WSs. Now this. Philly is cursed. I can take no more. Please, an update. I will never attach again to a team like I did to this recent era of Phillies now coming to a horrid unspeakable end!

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