Randolph Models Game after Cano

Cornelius Randolph has been compared to the likes of Tony Gwynn, Robinson Cano and Dmitri Young.

If Randolph has a career close to any of them, the Phillies will be thrilled with their first pick in the 2015 Draft. Randolph answered questions this morning on a conference call with Phillies beat reporters, and he seems eager to get his professional career going.

“I’m pretty confident,” he said about signing a contract in the near future, “but we’ll see how it goes, though.”

Randolph, 18, hit .526 with 11 doubles, seven home runs, 27 walks and a .934 slugging percentage in 17 games this season with Griffin (Ga.) High School. The Phillies drafted him with the 10th overall pick as a shortstop, but Phillies amateur scouting director Johnny Almaraz said Monday night they expect Randolph to move to left field once he signs.

Randolph is OK with that.

“I’m open to anything, honestly,” he said. “I’m just ready to play ball. I’ve played outfield a little bit with my summer ball team, so I think I’ll adapt pretty quickly.”

Randolph said he learned to play baseball from his father, Cedric. Father and son worked together from the time Randolph was five years old.

“We go to the cages every day,” he said. “We hit buckets and buckets (of balls).”

But Randolph said he modeled his swing after Cano.

“That’s my favorite player,” he said. “I watched him growing up. That’s where I got the little smooth swing from the left side. I know I have a lot of work to do with my hitting, but I feel like I can be a clutch hitter.”

The Phillies think so, too.

“We love his bat,” Almaraz said. “He’s somebody who we feel is one of the top three hitters in the country as far as this year’s Draft is concerned. Very rarely do you ever get a consensus from an entire room. There’s no doubt we feel he’s got a chance to be a hitter in the Major Leagues that hits for both average and power.”

Randolph said he went to his share of Braves games at Turner Field with his father and brother. They saw the Phillies play quite a bit, and he gravitated toward Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard.

“Getting drafted by the Phillies is actually pretty cool,” he said.

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been following the Phillies for over 60 years and now the new phrase is Phillies new era? need to start sending some of these bums back down to the minors, including some of the coaches. Could they be planning to lose so they can get the first draft pick? Back to basics guys, sometimes walks are just as good as hits. there are alot of self-centered people just swinging to build their numbers. Why don’t they just bring up some of the young guys, let them play and see what happens? Where is Larry Bowa when you need him. Guess they are going to extend Amaro? He needs to go too. Sorry to say Utley may be too far gone to salvage, such a shame to see this great second baseman at the point he is at now, Howard? they will probably trade him for a couple of 36 year old pitchers. The Phillies are old and keep getting older, bring up some kids and give them a chance, maybe then we won’t be so embarrasses when they play a real big league team.

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