Phillies Sign More Draft Picks

The Phillies have been locking up their Draft picks relatively quickly.

They agreed to terms today with first-round pick Cornelius Randolph. He will receive a $3,231,300 signing bonus, which was the full value for the 10th overall pick. They also signed second-round pick Scott Kingery to a $1,259,600 bonus, which was full value for the 48th pick.

The team has not confirmed any signings, although they have signed at least 21. They have agreements with others

That includes fourth-round pick Kyle Martin ($200,000), seventh-round pick Luke Leftwich ($209,300) and eighth-round pick Greg Pickett ($350,000). Pickett’s bonus was $176,100 more than the amount slotted for the 234th pick, but they needed to pay more for him to bypass college. They saved some bonus pool money with Martin, who signed at nearly $300,000 under the amount slotted.

The Phillies also signed 12th round pick Skylar Hunter ($100,000) and 20th round pick Will Stewart ($100,000). Stewart, who is a left-hander, just graduated high school in Alabama.

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