Dodgers in the Lead for Hamels?

Hamels_IGEven before Phillies ace Cole Hamels pitched a no-hitter Saturday against the Cubs, trade discussions between Philadelphia and multiple postseason contenders had escalated.

Hamels’ dominant performance at Wrigley Field certainly has not slowed those talks.

Several sources have told that the Dodgers and Rangers lead the race to acquire Hamels, with the Rangers privately bracing themselves to finish second. The Yankees, Giants and Cubs have been the other three teams most actively pursuing Hamels.

The Dodgers are willing to deal, but they are expected to hold onto shortstop Corey Seager and left-hander Julio Urias, who considers the fourth and fifth-best prospects in baseball. Right-hander Grant Holmes ranks 75th overall and right-hander Jose De Leon ranks 89th, but the Phillies need power bats. Dodgers outfield prospects Alex Verdugo and Scott Schebler have power potential. The Dodgers also have a couple catchers in their system that could interest Philadelphia.

Perhaps the Phillies and Dodgers get creative again. They included the Padres last December to help facilitate the Jimmy Rollins deal.

Of course, the Rangers still have a shot because the Phillies like their farm system. Texas is becoming more comfortable at the prospect of taking on Hamels’ remaining salary, which pays him $22.5 million through 2018, plus a $6 million buyout on a $20 million club option for 2019. Texas catching prospect Jorge Alfaro and outfield prospect Nomar Mazara, who rank 34th and 42nd overall, could be part of a package for Hamels. Both have power.

Sources said no deal is imminent, but with five days remaining there is plenty of time to make something happen.

The feeling around baseball is Hamels finally will be dealt.

But will anybody else from the Phillies?

The Cubs, Blue Jays and Nationals have been pursuing Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon. Philadelphia almost certainly will have to eat some of Papelbon’s salary to get a prospect it desires. That is the reality of the game these days. The more money a team pays, the better the prospects they receive.

Ben Revere, Jeff Francoeur and, perhaps surprisingly, Chase Utley have been receiving interest. The Angels still like Revere, and they are monitoring Utley’s return from an ankle injury. But if Utley is traded, it likely would be a waiver trade next month because he still sits on the disabled list.


The photo you used in this article is glorious.


Those traffic delays are awful !

This email came in seven minutes after yours last night Kind of bittersweet, I like hamels, but look forward to what he can return. I’ll be hanging on my phone this week. glad to hear your travels are going well. Stay safe.


I do not want Yasiel Puig on the Phillies, and I really don’t want Starlin Castro. Thoughts on Puig?

July 25th, last post? Really?

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