Phillies, Dodgers Get Closer to Utley Deal

Utleys DefenseThe Phillies and Dodgers are moving closer to a trade for Chase Utley, sources told on Wednesday.

No deal has been finalized, but the teams are moving in that direction. first reported Wednesday that the Utley trade is “possible today.” reported that if a trade does not happen Wednesday, Utley will remain with the Phillies the remainder of the season.

Trade discussions for Utley had heated up Friday, and the Angels thought they would acquire him before the end of the weekend. But nothing ever happened as Utley has full no-trade rights and can reject any trade.

But things can change with a change of heart or one phone call and talks apparently picked up again Wednesday.


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Chase is the Philadelphia Phillies, please don’t go. ⚾️

I am a big Philadelphia Phillies Phan. I will be very upset if the Phillies don’t do whatever they can to keep Chase Utley. He is the face of the team and he is loved here. Ruben make sure he stays

ONe day he’s staying for good, now it’s this. So much for “Insiders”

Why do we keep getting Phillies trash???

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The latino Phillies need to bring , yet ANOTHER . latino to the team !

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