Affeldt Wrong About Philly’s Impact on Free Agents

affledt 2Hola, amigos. I know it’s been a while since I last rapped at ya … but I just read Jeremy Affeldt‘s farewell column on, where he listed the five things he will not miss about baseball.

Fifth on the list? Philadelphia.

Why? The terrible, terrible fans.

Affeldt wrote, “The irony is, while Phillies fans succeed in making many players dread traveling there, they also (not surprisingly) impact the decision-making process of those same players in free agency. Sure, it’s great to play for a rabid fan base, but after experiencing firsthand how powerful that fervor can be when it is channeling extreme negativity, it really makes you think twice about where all that collective anger comes from, and whether you want to subject yourself and your family to that all the time.”

But let’s be real about this. It’s easy to sit in the visitors’ bullpen at Citizens Bank Park and tell your teammate, “I’d never sign here. Not for all the money in the world.” It’s something entirely different to get a competitive offer from the Phillies in the offseason and say, “Nope. Not signing there.”

Affeldt is in the final season of a three-year, $18 million contract. That’s great money for a relief pitcher. Perhaps Affeldt truly is the exception to the rule, but hypothetically speaking if the Giants decided not to resign him following the 2012 season and the Phillies offered him that three-year, $18 million contract, I bet his concerns about Phillies fans would have disappeared. You see, money rules, almost without exception. Jim Thome is one of baseball’s all-time good guys, but he left Cleveland for the mean streets of Philly because the Phillies offered him the biggest contract. Cliff Lee took less money to come to Philly because he loved his time here so much in 2009. Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt waived no-trade clauses to come to Philly because they wanted to win. Raul Ibanez is one of baseball’s all-time good guys. He came to Philly, too.

But this happens everywhere. Not just Philadelphia. Free agents almost always go where the best contract is.

So don’t let Affeldt worry you. There aren’t groups of free agents steering their agents away from Philadelphia because the fans are mean. Are there a few players that might feel this way? Does Philly’s reputation gives some players some pause? I’m sure there are. But quite honestly, those players probably wouldn’t succeed in Philly anyway. If they’re that concerned about the fans then it’s probably for the best.

But to say Phillies fans truly impact the decision-making process in free agency is hyperbole. Believe me, if the money is there or the team is winning (or both, which was the case from 2007-11) the Phillies won’t have any problems signing anybody they want in the future. In fact, I have absolutely no doubt that when the Phillies decide to reenter the free agency pool in a big way they will do just that.


News flash. We don’t care what they think.

And anger? If you watched 10,000 losses you’d be angry too. Sometimes anger is a rational response.

Why do the Cardinals and Giants have such nice fans? Because their teams win a lot. Always have.

We can do without crybabies like Affeldt.

Hey, Atlanta fans are nice too. And silent. And mostly absent from games. Would you rather play in front of a fan base that cares and is loud or one that barely shows up, especially when college football season starts up.

I wish he were still playing so I could hurl the insults I never got a chance to yell at him and his ugly family.

I long for the day that a player says: I wouldn’t play for Cleveland or Atlanta because the teams’ names, logos and “fan participation” (e.g. tomahawk chop) and flat out RACIST! Poor Affeldt seems bummed he didn’t get to play in the PostSeason this year.

Players chase the dollars. Affeldt is a hypocrite.

I’m just going to leave this here.

And this here. Oh! It was a Philly fan those nice San Francisco fans did this to? Heavens to Betsy! Who could have thunk it?

Enjoy oblivion, er, retirement. You wouldn’t be man enough to make it in Philly anyway.

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