De Fratus, Others Outrighted

Justin De FratusThe Phillies have started to clean up its 40-man roster in preparation for a potentially busy offseason.

They announced this afternoon they had outrighted the following players from the roster: right-hander Justin De Fratus; infielder Chase d’Arnaud; outfielder Jordan Danks; catcher Erik Kratz; and left-handers Adam Loewen and Ken Roberts. Right-hander Jonathan Pettibone also was outrighted after being activated from the 60-day disabled list.

“I can’t tell you we would rule out resigning any of these guys,” interim general manager Scott Proefrock said. “We’re just trying to clear up space on the roster. These guys were the first group that we decided to take off.”

De Fratus, Kratz, d’Arnaud and Loewen have the rights to become free agents immediately. De Fratus, Loewen and Kratz were eligible for salary arbitration. Pettibone and Danks can become Minor League free agents five days following the World Series.

Roberts will remain in the Phillies’ system.

De Fratus is the most notable name in the group to be outrighted because he spent the entire season with the team. He went 0-2 with a 5.51 ERA in 61 appearances this season after going 7-4 with a 3.08 ERA in 130 appearances from 2011-14. The Phillies viewed him as a long man by the end of the season, which made the idea of going into salary arbitration with him unappealing.

“We thought there were other guys that had passed him, quite frankly,” Proefrock said.

Expect the roster transformation to continue as the offseason continues.

“I’d say we’re going to be active in continuing this process,” Proefrock said. “We’re trying to get ready for free agency and the other opportunities that present itself in the offseason, whether it be the Rule 5 Draft or Minor League free agents, giving ourselves the best opportunity to be as aggressive as possible as the calendar moves forward.”


Amaro hurt the Phils more than he helped. He decimated the farm. His rotation starters were atrocious (Williams, Harang, Buchanon, Billingsley) none of which will probably be pitching at the big league level next year. D. Brown other than 30 days last year doesn’t belong. Ruiz was overpaid for what he brought to the table. DeFratus was overworked, overused. Players on the DL is getting worse every year. They can’t seem to play even with a hang nail anymore. Apparently they don’t know how to get or stay in shape. And their mental mistakes or baseball IQ leave a lot to be desired.

De fratus got screwed over by the Phils, having to go out and pitch 2-3 innings to make up for the garbage starters Ruin put out there. He threw the MOST PITCHES of any Phillies reliever, so they throw him on the trash heap. Nice. Watch him be a major league set-up man in 2 years.

Chad Billingsley was a risk with a lot of upside if he could stay healthy. He couldn’t.
Harang was a good signing until he got hurt and tried to pitch through it too long. Williams looked good in relief.
I’m surprised Amaro is still taking all of the heat for the staff. Yes he hired the guys, but isn’t it the pitching coach’s job to work with the staff and help fix any issues? How is Bob McClure not getting some of the blame? At least we didn’t blow out any arms this year by throwing a change-up as in years past. Granted on coach isn’t going to work for everyone. The pitchers need to help each other as well to help the team. If the palyers don’t help each other, it becomes an all about me instead all about us.

The key to the problem was the decision to choose this pitcher first and foremost, end of sentence. Then you were dealing with damaged goods. The pitching coach is not a miracle worker

Was Ruiz dealing with an injury this season? You can’t fault him for not contributing when he didn’t get much of a chance to play. As far as being overpaid, compared to the other Phillies of 2008 (Howard, Rollins, Utley, etc.), he was not paid much at all considering what he contributed during his career with the Phillies. He is still a good catcher and can call a good game–another no-hitter this year. I don’t think Ruiz has ever been given credit for all he had done for the Phillies. Halliday, Lidge, and Lee all sang his praises. He doesn’t get a chance to work with younger pitchers, and that’s most of what the Phillies have. Is it an age barrier, language barrier, or what?

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