Bourjos Joins Phillies’ Outfield

PHI_BourjosThis afternoon the Phillies claimed outfielder Peter Bourjos off waivers from the Cardinals.

Read more about here, including how it affects Jeff Francoeur and the rest of the Phillies’ outfield.

Here is some of what Bourjos said today in a telephone interview with

Probably not surprised this happened?
I was kind of expecting it. I didn’t feel like I would be back in St. Louis just because of the amount of outfielders there are there. And I didn’t really play a whole lot the second half of the year, so there really wasn’t too much of a fit. So I felt like something was going to happen. Either I was going to be traded or non-tendered or claimed off waivers.

The Phillies had been interested in you for a few years. Were you aware of that at all?
Yeah, I heard some of the rumors. I think sometimes came when I wasn’t a playing a whole lot, so I saw the rumors and I thought, ‘Oh, that’d be a cool fit.’ It would be a good place to play and maybe just get an opportunity to play because the roles I’ve been in there wasn’t a whole lot of playing time. It was kind of fifth outfielder, late-inning defense and pinch-running and a few at-bats here or there.

Do you know Matt Klentak pretty well?
Yeah, I got to know him well in Anaheim. He was one of my favorite guys. Every time I saw him down in the clubhouse I really enjoyed talking to him. I was excited when I saw him get the GM job.

How do you get back to the success you had 2011? I guess regular playing time would help, right?
Yeah, that would help a lot. Really since 2011 … in 2013 I was probably off to my best start and I was playing every day. Then I pulled my hamstring and I broke my wrist, so that year was lost. And every other year it’s been inconsistent playing time. Going back to 2012, Mike Trout got called up and I was in that fifth outfielder spot, going in for defense. Really in St. Louis it was kind of the same role. I played a little bit more early in the year, go off to a slow start then didn’t play a whole lot. Then last year it was really consistent when I did get at-bats.

Look at this as a fresh start for you?
Yeah, absolutely. But I think at the end of the day you have to take advantage of the situation and go out and play well. Nothing is going to be handed to anybody. That’s my goal going into Spring Training. Try to earn playing time. Try to play well and have good, consistent at-bats.

Could you play the corners if needed or asked?
Obviously, I enjoy playing center, but my answer to that question is I just want to play. I don’t care where I play. I just want to be out there and contributing. I’d be open to anything. I can’t remember the last time I’ve played a corner. It may have been in high school, so it’s been a while. Obviously there is different spin in the corners, but it’s something you can adjust to.


I am a lifelong Phillies fan originally from King of Prussia. While I commend the Giles trade I am curious why the Phightin’s didn’t get Alex Bregman in the deal. I have seen that young man play since he was ten years old. With the career he has in front of him the Phil’s should have grabbed him. Any thoughts?

While Bourjos may have never played a corner OF position before, he has to be light years better than Dom Brown.

I really liked this acquisition. Bourjos has still got potetial. I hope he turns into the next Shane Victorino.

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