Giles Talks Philly, Trade to Houston

Ken Giles

I spoke this afternoon to Ken Giles, whom the Phillies sent to Houston in a seven-player trade.

Here is his reaction:

What do you think about it and leaving Philly?
I’m going to miss the city of Philadelphia and the fans there. They were there for me since they drafted me and the Phillies helped me develop and get to the big leagues. Stuff like this happens. It’s a business and you’ve got to move on. I know they’re rebuilding. Matt told me how the organization thought so highly of me and how the fans will love me there. He said it was really hard to let someone like me go. He has to look out for what’s best for the organization and I understand that. He’s looking out for me as well. It’s one of those things like, I wish the Phillies the best of luck. Sooner rather than later something special is going to happen in that organization.

Maybe you’ll get to face them in the World Series in a few years.
Hey, you never know. Maybe I’ll be the guy everybody in Philly hates just because I was a Phillie then won a World Series against them. You never know. I could be that guy.

Houston took a big step forward this year. You could be pitching in a lot of big games the next several years.
I’m very excited to be part of what they have going on right now. I watched them throughout the season and postseason. They were just unbelievable, doing something incredible last year. It was just really special to watch. Even though they got knocked out they should be proud of themselves. That’s a big accomplishment. To be able to go into that organization like that, I’m very happy to be a part of it.

The Astros said no bullpen roles have been determined. I know you want to close, but does it matter to you?
As of right now I’m just there to be a good teammate and do anything I can to help them take that next step forward. That’s all I’m going to focus on. Whatever they decide, that’s their decision. I’m going to be a good team player. Whatever they want me to do, if that’s what’s best for the team that’s what I’m going to do.


Gonna miss 100 miles Giles. Good luck in Houston

 this is all very sad but true. Unfortunately too many people had been asleep at the switch and allowed the Phils to sink like a rock. Primarily at fault, contrary to public opinion was Amaro

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All of a sudden the Phillies are going from worst to the World Series?, even in jest this is a bad joke. We can dream though.

Giles was a loose cannon, schooled by Jonathan Papelbon, he’s like a mini-me of Pap, let’s hope he grows up on his new career in Houston.

Yes, we got a great haul for Giles, I’m happy with this deal. We’ve had enough of strange closers for the time being.

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Sorry to see Kenny go, but Matt was right to deal him for 5 pitchers, most of whom are potential starters.

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