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The Sarge's Inspiration

sarge's hats.jpg

Apparently I’m not the only one that has found Alyssa Milano inspirational.

Gary Matthews (aka The Sarge) is famous for his hats. In fact, he is so famous for them that he is coming out with his own hat line. New Era designs them. The Sarge approves them. People buy them.

The Sarge said they will be available at Citizens Bank Park and presumably online.

“Alyssa Milano inspired me,” he said Saturday.

Milano has her own baseball-inspired clothing line, and The Sarge had the chance to interview her last year during a Phillies broadcast. And as last season progressed, the Phillies started receiving more and more calls and e-mails about them. Apparently a light bulb went off.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sarge's autograph.jpg“I’ve been wearing hats all my life,” The Sarge said. “You’ve got to remember, long ago when the Negro League players were playing and they were coming in they always had a nice hat on. After the game, you always saw them with a nice hat. A lot of them to this day when you see them they have a hat on. I’ve always been a hat guy, really. The only difficult time was when I had the afro. Then I laid it on top of my head. It was hard.”

The Sarge is selling both men’s and women’s hats, so the ladies won’t be left out. Each hat also has The Sarge’s signature, which is pretty cool.


It seems everybody is inspired these days. Ryan Howard almost decapitated two Phillies PR men a couple weeks ago when he laced a foul ball into the press box. The ball put a hole in the dry wall about 20 feet in the back of the press box. Howard eventually signed his handy work, and a t-shirt was born.

Better Than Alyssa?

alyssa milano.jpgWe started The Zo Zone last Tuesday, and it already has moved to No. 11 on’s pro blog rankings (which tabulated page views from Feb. 5 to 15). That’s nice to hear because it means many of you have found the blog, but what I really thought was interesting about those rankings was that Alyssa Milano‘s blog ranked 12th.

Yep, The Zo Zone outranks Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa might have fame, fortune, etc., but at least I can say my blog outranked her blog once in my life. Of course, she’s only updated her blog twice since Oct. 30, so I’ll probably have to put my tail between my legs once she cranks it back up. But if she ever wants to discuss blogging, I’d be more than happy to sit down and talk to her about it.

(Yes, these rankings were an easy excuse to get Alyssa’s picture up on the blog.)