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Ruiz Hits Record Heat

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Carlos Ruiz hit a 103.5 mph fastball from Aroldis Chapman for a double in the eighth inning last night in Game 3 of the NLDS.

Nobody has hit heat like that.

Let me explain. Pitch f/x data goes back to 2008, but SABR’s Trent McCotter found that nobody had hit a faster pitch than Ruiz. Here’s a look at McCotter’s list from the past three seasons:

  • 103.5 mph: Carlos Ruiz v. Chapman, double, 10/10/2010
  • 102.0 mph: Carlos Gonzalez v. Chapman, single, 9/6/2010
  • 101.7 mph: Adam Dunn v. Joel Zumaya, single, 6/17/2010
  • 101.5 mph: Derrek Lee v. Zumaya, single, 6/23/2009
  • 101.4 mph: Mike Lowell v. Zumaya, single, 6/4/2009
  • 101.4 mph: Alfonso Soriano v. Zumaya, single, 6/24/2009
  • 101.1 mph: Scott Podsednik v. Zumaya, single, 6/11/2009
  • 101.1 mph: Paul Konerko v. Zumaya, double, 6/8/2010
  • 101.0 mph: Kazuo Matsui v. Zumaya, single, 6/26/2009
  • 101.0 mph: Jason Kubel v. Justin Verlander, single, 9/19/2009

As McCotter points out, Ruiz’s pitch was 1.5 mph faster than Gonzalez’s pitch. That might not seem like much, but he said 1.5 mph is a significant gap when we’re talking about three years of data.

McCotter also found it’s the first time a 103+ mph pitch has been put into play. Of the 19 pitches that pitch f/x has record at 103+ mph:

  • 12 were balls
  • 3 were fouls
  • 1 was a swinging strike
  • 2 were called strikes
  • 1 was a double (Ruiz)


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Winter Meetings: Day 3

Ruben Amaro Jr. met with reporters in the team’s hotel suite in Indianapolis for the final time — oh, I’ll be so sad to leave — and he touched on a few topics:

  • Baseball insiders at the Winter Meetings think the Phillies are in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes. Amaro tried to quiet that talk, although it’s unclear if he is trying to get people off the Phillies’ trail. He wouldn’t discuss Halladay by name, but asked if they would pursue a big-time starting pitcher who is available via trade (i.e. Halladay) he spoke in generalities. “Is there any way possible? I guess there is,” Amaro said. “Is there a likelihood of us getting involved in something that’s that big? Probably not.” Why not? “Probably more than one or two reasons,” he said. “I’m not going to get into the reasons, but probably more than one or two.” But while he said there is not a likelihood of the Phillies getting involved, is there a likelihood of exploring the opportunity? “I’m not going to get into that,” he said.
  • Yes, the Phillies continue to look for bullpen help. “We hope we’re making some headway,” Amaro said. Does he mean with Chan Ho Park and Scott Eyre or other free agents? “Likely to be outside guys,” he said. I’m not sure how much of that is posturing or not, but indications are the Phillies have made little progress this week with Park and Eyre. “Right now they are,” said Amaro, asked if Park and Eyre remain in play. “There’s a possibility we’ll move past them at some point if something doesn’t get done, yeah.”
  • Amaro didn’t rule out the possibility of acquiring a relief pitcher via trade. “We’re keeping a couple of balls in the air,” he said.
  • He said it’s unlikely they sign a relief pitcher before the Winter Meetings conclude tomorrow.
  • Amaro wouldn’t say the Phillies have signed Ross Gload, apparently because he hasn’t passed a physical, but he talked about why they would like him … if they were to sign him. “He’s got some versatility because he can play the corner outfield positions and first base,” he said. “He’s a very good first baseman. He’s a very good left-handed bat. We got to see that first hand. He whacked us around pretty good. Our guys have liked this guy for a while.”
  • Amaro reiterated that while they are interested in a talent like Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman, they are not expected to pursue him. Chapman is throwing next week in Houston, and Amaro said they could send somebody there, but more for informational purposes.


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