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Broad Street Gets Ryno

broad street runRyne Sandberg had a brutal time getting to Citizens Bank Park today.

Philadelphia held its annual Broad Street Run this morning, when 40,000 people ran down Broad Street from North Philadelphia to the Navy Yard. Broad Street was closed for the event, which can cause some traveling issues for people who don’t know their way around the city. (And for some who do.)

“I jumped in a Uber car and said, ‘By the way, Broad Street is closed,’” Sandberg said.

The driver took Sandberg down I-95 South heading to the ballpark, but missed the Packer Avenue exit. The next thing Sandberg knew he was at the airport.

“Now I’m hoping that he makes a u-turn, gets back on and goes all the way around to the east again but he punched in something else that gave him directions,” Sandberg said. “So before you know it, I was a mile west of the stadium and it was a parking lot. So I jumped out, not too happy about it, so I walked a mile.”

But he still had to cross Broad Street with a steady stream of runners running to the finish line.

“It was a full crowd, full strength runners at that point,” Sandberg said. “No gaps. I talked to the policeman, ‘I got to get to the stadium.’ Got my briefcase and everything. He goes, ‘Well, you want to risk it, kind of get with the runners and get across.’ So I actually ran about 50 feet with the runners.”


Love the Broad Street Run. It’s the one time of year the city doesn’t let cars park illegally in the middle of S. Broad. It’s also relatively trash free.