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Phillies Broadcast Schedule

From a Phillies press release is the Phillies’ broadcasting schedule:

  • Comcast SportsNet will carry 103 games.
  • The Comcast Network will carry three games in April.
  • MyPHL17 will air 45 games, including the home opener against the Houston Astros on April 1.
  • ESPN has picked up two Sunday games (so far).
  • FOX will broadcast nine Saturday games.
  • All Phillies games can be heard on the Phillies’ Flagship station WPHT, 1210 AM, in Spanish on WUBA (1480 AM) and the Phillies Radio Network.


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The Whistler

I got numerous tweets, e-mails and texts Friday about somebody whistling loudly (and annoyingly) on the TBS broadcast during Game 2 at Citizens Bank Park.

Here’s what I know:

TBS can’t do anything about any fans making any bizarre noises near one of its on-field microphones. It also has no plans to move any of its mics. The Phillies have two on-field mics when they broadcast on Comcast SportsNet and phl17. They are located to the left and right of the screen behind home plate. TBS is using more than two mics. They have the ability to isolate the sound to one of the mics and turn it down, if they want. But if the person whistling is near a mic that picks up the crack of the bat and the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt, TBS likely won’t turn it down.

Either this fan has no idea how annoying he is, or he knows he’s near a mic and is whistling loudly on purpose.

So there you go. It’s not much of an answer, but it’s a little bit of an explamation.


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Phillies Announce Broadcast Schedule

The Phillies today announced their 2010 broadcast schedule:

  • Comcast SportsNet will carry 102 games, including the April 12 home opener against the Nationals.
  • MyPHL17 will air 45 games.
  • ESPN has three Sunday games.
  • FOX has nine Saturday games.
  • Every game can be heard on WPHT, The Big Talker 1210 AM, in Spanish on WUBA (1480 AM) and the Phillies Radio Network.


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