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Schmidt: '08 Phils Better than '80 Phils

mike schmidt.jpgMike Schmidt
spoke to reporters for nearly 20 minutes this morning, sitting at a picnic bench outside the batting cages at Bright House Field.

He talked about Alex Rodriguez and steroids. He offered his opinions on the Phillies defending their World Series championship in 2009.

But he also answered this question: In a seven-game series, who would win: the 2008 Phillies or the 1980 Phillies?

“That’s not a good question,” Schmidt said. “Probably these guys. Bigger, stronger, faster. Yeah, no doubt in my mind.”

He paused.

“It would go seven games,” he said. “It would probably turn on a Schmidt error at third base. (Larry) Bowa picks it up, throws to first and Bruce Froemming calls him safe. And the ’08 team wins in a controversial play that’s talked about for years.”

Sounds familiar.