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Four Phillies Get MVP Votes

Joey Votto deservedly won the NL MVP with 31 first-place votes and 443 points.

Albert Pujols finished second with one first-place vote and 279 points. The rest of the top five included: Carlos Gonzalez (240), Adrian Gonzalez (197) and Troy Tulowitzki (132).

The Phillies had four players receive MVP votes:

  • Roy Halladay finished sixth with 130 points.
  • Jayson Werth finished eighth with 52 points.
  • Ryan Howard finished 10th with 50 points.
  • Carlos Ruiz finished 17th with 12 points.

Twenty-seven players received votes. The Phillies were the only team with four players receiving votes.


The Dodgers have hired Davey Lopes as their first base coach.


Halladay and Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young last week, which made the Phillies, Mariners and Cardinals the only three teams to win the four major postseason awards in the last 10 years.

The Phillies won the MVP in 2006 (Ryan Howard) and 2007 (Jimmy Rollins), Cy Young in 2010 (Halladay), Rookie of the Year in 2005 (Howard) and Manager of the Year in 2001 (Larry Bowa). The Cardinals won the MVP in 2005, 2008 and 2009 (Albert Pujols), Cy Young in 2005 (Chris Carpenter), Rookie of the Year in 2001 (Pujols) and Manager of the Year in 2002 (Tony La Russa). The Mariners won the MVP in 2001 (Ichiro Suzuki), Cy Young in 2010 (Hernandez), Rookie of the Year in 2001 (Suzuki) and and Manager of the Year in 2001 (Lou Piniella).


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Phillies Hire Samuel

The Phillies announced today they have hired Juan Samuel to be their third base coach and outfield instructor.

Sam Perlozzo, who served as the team’s third base coach the previous two seasons, will move from third base to first base and handle the team’s base running instruction. The Phillies hired Samuel because Davey Lopes, who handled the team’s outfield and base running duties as first base coach the previous four seasons, left the organization following a stalemate during contract negotiations.

Samuel and Perlozzo join pitching coach Rich Dubee, hitting coach Greg Gross, bench coach Pete Mackanin and bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer on the 2011 coaching staff.

“I feel fortunate that we were able to add someone of Juan’s stature to our coaching staff,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said in a statement. “He was a tremendous Major League player and a big part of Phillies history and I’m looking forward to him passing on his knowledge of the game to our players. He’s a great addition to our organization.”


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Samuel Is Favorite to Replace Lopes

samuel.jpgThere is no arguing Davey Lopes meant plenty to the Phillies.

Shane Victorino is a perfect example. He stole just four of seven bases in 153 games in 2006, then stole 37 bases in 41 attempts in 131 games in 2007, when Lopes joined the Phillies as their first base coach. Victorino stole 132 bases in 161 attempts the past four seasons to rank 12th in baseball.

We know Lopes will not be back next season. Juan Samuel is expected to replace Lopes, and an announcement could come with the next couple days. Samuel was close to returning to the Baltimore Orioles as their third base coach, but sources in Baltimore said they also expect Samuel to join the Phillies.

The Phillies also are trying to fill vacancies on their Minor League coaching staff. Ryne Sandberg is a candidate to manage Triple-A Lehigh Valley. A source said Mickey Morandini is a candidate for a job somewhere on their player development staff.

The Phillies also have a managerial vacancy at Double-A Reading. Class A Lakewood manager Mark Parent, who is well respected in the organization, could move to a higher level to fill one of those jobs.

But Lopes will be missed.


Phillies Interested in Sandberg, Samuel

sandberg.jpgRyne Sandberg and Juan Samuel could be returning to Philadelphia.

Sandberg is a candidate to fill their managerial vacancy in Triple-A Lehigh Valley, according to sources, although it was unclear today if they have formally interviewed him. Sandberg had been a candidate for the Cubs’ managerial job, but once they hired Mike Quade instead he informed the Cubs he would not return as their Triple-A Iowa manager.

The Cubs said Sandberg is free to explore other opportunities.

“I can tell you that we have started the process of interviewing candidates for the Triple-A job,” Chuck LaMar said this morning. “But I’m not going to comment on candidates or a timetable or how many candidates until we get done.”

Sandberg still has connections in Philadelphia.

Dallas Green, who is senior advisor to the general manager, remains close with Sandberg. Green was the Cubs’ general manager when he fleeced the Phillies in one of the worst trades in franchise history. The trade sent Larry Bowa and Sandberg to the Cubs for Ivan DeJesus. The Phillies felt they did not have a position to play Sandberg and because they felt compelled to trade Bowa following a bitter contract dispute, Green astutely demanded the Phillies include Sandberg in the trade.


Is Utley Hurt or Not? Looks Fine to Me

utley 1102.jpgChase Utley
said today he is a private person, so he probably would not admit if an injury affected his play.

Utley then said he is fine.

The Phillies said he is fine, too.

He looks fine tonight. Utley, who dismissed before the game that he has an injured right knee, singled and scored from first on a triple in the first inning, hit a three-run home run to right field in the second inning and made a fantastic diving catch in the third inning.

Why all the fuss? Utley entered the game hitting just .257 with 10 home runs, 26 RBIs and an .829 on-base-plus-slugging percentage, which was the lowest OPS of his career since he became an everyday player in 2005. Many had suspected Utley is hurt – Utley said Tuesday in New York, “As far as I know I’m healthy, yes.” – and Phillies first base coach Davey Lopes fueled those suspicions when he told Baseball Prospectus that, “Chase has been hampered by a little bit of a knee injury.”

“I think there’s a little confusion and maybe a little bit of a difference of opinion with what Davey said,” Utley said before the game. “In my opinion, an injury is something that keeps you off the field. When you play 162-games-plus over the course of the year you’re going to have aches and pains. That’s part of this game. That’s part of being a baseball player. In my opinion there’s no injury whatsoever.”

Utley acknowledged he has had occasional soreness in his right knee, and Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. acknowledged Utley has been on the team’s injury report, although Amaro said most of the team has been on the report.

But Utley said he sees no correlation between the soreness in his right knee and his performance at the plate.

“There’s no excuse for it,” he said. “It’s been a little bit of a battle here the last month, trying to make some adjustments, tinkering with some things. It’s part of baseball, something you’re going to have to deal with. It something I’ve been through before and a lot of people have been through before.”

“If people think that this is altering the way he bats or hits or something like that, we have no indication of that at all,” Amaro said.


Why No Replay?

The Phillies had runners on first and second with two outs in the 11th inning when pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs hit a towering fly ball down the right field line.

Fair or foul?


Manuel thought otherwise. He thought the ball could have cleared the foul pole and landed in foul territory, making it a three-run home run. He asked first base umpire Jim Joyce to take a look at instant replay.

“Can you look at it?” Manuel said.

“I got a really good look at it,” Joyce said.

Crew chief Derryl Cousins said later that while Manuel had the right to request a replay, they are not obligated to do it.

“I was positive the ball was foul,” Joyce explained. “If I would have had any doubt at all, first of all, I would have went to the crew. And then we would have made a decision to look at it at that point. I was very confident the ball was foul. I’ll be very honest with you. I thought about it after the call. But I was very confident that ball was foul. I even thought to myself, what am I going to see on the replay? It didn’t hit anything.”

Shane Victorino, who stood on first base when Dobbs hit the ball down the line, said he and first base coach Davey Lopes agreed with Joyce. The ball was foul, the at-bat continued and Dobbs struck out to end the inning.


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Mistakes Cost Phillies

victorino out.jpgI’m sure a lot of people will be talking about Shane Victorino getting caught trying to steal second base in the ninth inning tonight at Citizens Bank Park.

It was a bad mistake, but it wasn’t the only reason why they lost to the Marlins, 5-3. The Phillies managed just six hits, and Jamie Moyer made some costly errors.

That said, that play is worth looking at a little closer.

“Evidently it’s his decision,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said afterward. “That was a mistake. We talk about our running game and things like that, but also you’ve got to know when to run. I can stop him, but the way our base running is set up we’d like to think that you won’t make mistakes like that.”

In other words, Manuel felt he didn’t need to put the stop sign on Victorino because he never imagined he would try to steal with the Phillies down a couple runs, nobody out and Matt Stairs at the plate.

Manuel said Matt Lindstrom‘s time to the plate was 1.37 seconds. A time of 1.4 to 1.5 seconds to the plate is great for a base stealer.

“Your catcher would have to have a bazooka to throw out a guy with speed,” Davey Lopes once told me.

Lopes said if a pitcher keeps his time below 1.28 seconds and the catcher has a good arm, it’s going to be tough to run. He said most pitchers would be happy with a 1.3, which is about average. I’m sure Victorino noticed Lindstrom’s relatively slow time to the plate and thought he could beat the throw. Regardless, Victorino never should have run in that situation.

“You don’t try it,” Manuel said. “You don’t run there.”

“I told myself, ‘Stay out of the double play,’ but I need to be safe,” Victorino said. “There’s no excuses to the fact that I f’d up. It was a stupid situation there. I’ll face the reality that I messed up.”


Jayson Werth went 0 for 4 and has two hits in his last 28 at-bats.


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