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Polanco’s Elbow Is OK

So Placido Polanco got hit in the left elbow with a pitch late in last night’s 5-2 victory over the Giants.

Polanco said afterward he is fine. He indicated the ball hit him below the protective armor he wears, but also below the actual elbow. He pointed to an area just below the elbow, which did not seem to have any swelling. In fact, Polanco seemed to be happily eating his postgame meal when we approached him and asked how he was doing. That’s good considering Polanco missed a lot of time in 2010 because of an elbow injury that ultimately required surgery.

But Charlie Manuel offered the best answer to Polanco’s HBP.

“Yeah, he got hit on the elbow,” he joked. “That’s one of his main elbows. He’s only got two. Hit him in the crazy bone.”