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Romero Agrees to Terms

The new left-hander in the Phillies bullpen is the same as the old left-hander in the Phillies bullpen.

A source confirmed a report that J.C. Romero has agreed to terms on a contract with the Phillies. The deal is pending a physical.

Terms were unknown, but it seems safe to say it falls somewhere in the $1 to $2 million range. The Phillies had agreed earlier this month to a $1.1 million deal with Dennys Reyes before the deal fell through.

I’m not sure how this impacts Chad Durbin‘s chances of rejoining the team, although I’ve got to think it makes things more difficult. But if the Phillies trade Joe Blanton to free up salary, the Phillies could have some wiggle room to bring him back, if the Phillies feel they still need another veteran in the pen.


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Business Over the Holidays

Thumbnail image for blanton 0828 2010.jpgSo what’s left for the Phillies before Spring Training? They could sign a reliever since their Dennys Reyes deal collapsed.

But that’s a relatively minor move compared to trading Joe Blanton, which they are trying to do.

The Phillies blew up their budget to sign Cliff Lee, even though he is making a relatively modest $11 million next season. The Phillies need to move salary to give them flexibility at the July 31 trade deadline and next winter when Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Madson, Raul Ibanez and possibly Brad Lidge (if his 2012 club option is not exercised) become free agents.

Blanton became the odd man out when Lee signed, not because of his performance, but because of his salary. He makes $8.5 million in 2011 and $8.5 million in 2012.

In conversations with baseball sources since the Lee deal, Blanton should not be difficult to trade. And the Phillies might not have to eat much of his salary because they will be looking for little in return. Teams are looking for starting pitching and few viable options remain, making Blanton attractive.

Teams like the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals and Minnesota Twins make sense. The Yankees and Rangers lost the Lee sweepstakes. The Nationals took a stab at Lee, too. The Tigers have been looking for a bottom-of-the-rotation starter for some time, but have not found one. The Twins could be interested in Blanton, if they can’t resign Carl Pavano.

Pavano might be the most attractive free agent on the market at the moment. (Brandon Webb remains available, too.) But made an interesting comparison between Pavano and Blanton, who is nearly five years younger than Pavano. Blanton has a slightly better career ERA (4.30 to 4.34) and strikeout ratio (5.8 to 5.7) than Pavano, while Pavano has a slightly better career WHIP (1.334 to 1.343) and strikeout-to-walk ratio (2.54 to 2.32) than Blanton.

Statistically, there is little difference between the two. But teams already know how much Blanton will cost and they only have to make a two-year commitment to him. Teams love cost certainty and flexibility.


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Reyes Deal Falls Through

Dennys Reyes agreed Dec. 8 to a $1.1 million contract with the Phillies.

Strangely, the Phillies never announced the deal. It is not unusual for a few days to pass between an agreement and an official announcement because players typically have to fly to Philadelphia for a physical. That is why the Phillies waited until Wednesday to announce they had signed Cliff Lee, who had agreed to terms Monday.

But there will be no Reyes announcement.

“We hit a snag,” said Oscar Suarez, who is Reyes’ agent. “So we just decided to push back.”

Asked if it was health related, Suarez said, “It just didn’t work out. We’re back on the market. I don’t want to get into details why.”

So with Reyes out of the picture, that might open the door for Chad Durbin to return. The Phillies still would like a left-hander, but there aren’t many available. J.C. Romero maybe?


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Winter Meetings: Day 3 (Go Big)


Updated: Reyes agrees to terms

Ruben Amaro Jr. said today he is thinking big.

In more ways than one.

First, he said the Phillies “have examined and tried and have talked about acquiring significant players. Doing trades is tough. Outfielders. Pitchers. Starters. Relievers. We’ve done some things where we’ve tried to shoot for the moon. We’ve laid some groundwork on some of those, but the possibilities of that happening are kind of remote.”

The Phillies are not in the running for Cliff Lee, but several teams have been talking to the Royals about Zack Greinke. reported five teams are seriously pursuing Greinke with three teams on the periphery. said the Phillies have talked to the Royals about Greinke.

Second, the Phillies have reached an agreement with Dennys Reyes, who is listed at 6-foot-3, 250 pounds. A source said tonight Reyes has agreed to a $1.1 million deal with a $.135 million option for 2012.

The Phillies also remain interested in Chad Durbin. In fact, Durbin is in Florida and stopped into the hotel to personally meet with the Phillies and one other team.

“The Durbinator?” Amaro said. “We’re keeping our options open on the Durbinator.”

And that right-handed bat the Phillies need? Giants general manager Brian Sabean said today “there’s nothing going between the Giants and the Phillies with Rowand.”

But the Phillies have had discussions about it. Rowand is owed $24 million over the next two seasons and the Giants would need to eat much of his salary for the Phillies to take him. Rowand played with the Phillies in 2006-07, and they believe he could bounce back offensively moving from cavernous AT&T Park to cozy Citizens Bank Park.


The Rule 5 Draft is tomorrow morning. Amaro said there is a 50-50 chance they take somebody.


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Dennys Meet Danys, Danys Meet Dennys

A source said this afternoon the Phillies are very close to agreeing on a one-year contract with left-hander Dennys Reyes, although details were still being worked out. ESPN’s Enrique Rojas said the deal would include an option for 2012.

If the deal gets finalized, the Phillies will have a veteran left-hander in the pen next season. Antonio Bastardo is another lefty with a good chance to make the team out of Spring Training. The other left-handers on the 40-man roster with big-league experience are Mike Zagurski and Sergio Escalona.

So, yes, there would be Dennys Reyes and Danys Baez on the same team — thus the clip from Spies Like Us.

Asked how he pronounces his name, Reyes once told Cardinals beat writers, “It’s Dennys, like the restaurant.” So there you go.


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Winter Meetings: Day 2 (Reyes, Sherrill and Others)

reyes 2.jpgRuben Amaro Jr. reiterated today he does not expect the Phillies to make any moves before the conclusion of the Winter Meetings, which end Thursday morning with the Rule 5 Draft.

“That’s subject to change,” he cautioned.

The Phillies were in discussions about a contract with left-hander Dennys Reyes. A source said tonight a deal was not imminent, although reports from St. Louis said Reyes was headed to Philadelphia. A second source said the Phillies and Reyes’ agent had exchanged contract figures last week and met again today. The source also indicated nothing was imminent.

Reyes went 3-1 with a 3.55 ERA in 59 appearances last season with the St. Louis Cardinals. Interestingly, left-handers hit .307 against him last season, while right-handers hit .177, although he has been better in his career against left-handers (.238) than right-handers (.279).

But while the Phillies have interest in Reyes, they also have interest in other relief pitchers. That includes left-hander George Sherrill, who went 2-2 with a 6.69 ERA in 65 appearances last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Phillies have liked Sherrill in the past and think he could rebound. The Phillies also met today with right-hander Chad Durbin‘s agent. The Phillies have indicated they remain interested in bringing him back.


Bullpen Help?

The Phillies have been looking for lefthanded bullpen help for the past couple months, but Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has said several times recently that unless those free agents (notably Joe Beimel, Will Ohman and Dennys Reyes) take a “very modest offer” that they would not be signed.

The Phillies have been monitoring their situations for weeks, but a report today has the Phillies in back and forth negotiations with Ohman.

A Phillies source told today that they “are not on Ohman.”

The source indicated that Ohman’s agent might be trying to generate interest in his client.

Of course, the Phillies’ interest in Ohman could change over time. As the regular season grows closer, free agents might become more desperate to sign. Amaro would not say what a “very modest offer” is, but it would seem to be $1 million or less.


Phinally Philly finds that the Phillies will be flashing a little gold on Opening Day. Holy cow, that’s a lot of PH’s and F’s in the same sentence.