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Managers Offer Thoughts on Manuel

Charlie ManuelThe Phillies fired Charlie Manuel today, and managers around baseball offered their thoughts.

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez
“I have a lot of respect for Charlie and the way he handled that situation in Philly. As you well know, it’s not the easiest place to manage. People have a lot of expectations. It’s almost like New York City with a big press (following). I admire him. … Whatever Charlie wants to do, he can do. He’s done a lot of good stuff. Whether he wants to stop managing and go into the front office to help the Phillies or if he wants to get back on the field, I think he can do what he wants.”

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly
“Charlie’s an experienced guy, he’s been through a lot. This is not a good situation. I feel for that part of it.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland
“This comes as a surprise to me. I’m very close to Charlie. I think the world of him. He’s obviously done a great job over there. And it’s just one of those things. That’s just part of our business. It’s too bad but it’s something that happens. Football coaches, baseball managers, we know what that’s all about.”

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire spoke about Manuel here. Asked if he was surprised Manuel got fired with 42 games remaining, Gardenhire added, “I guess yes because there’s so little time left in the season. But no, just listening to Charlie talking in Spring Training. He said he didn’t have a contract next year and didn’t know what was going to happen. Charlie is not one to back away from his stance on anything. If he believes in something, he’s going to stay with it. I know they were trying to play kids but Charlie is going to do it his way.”

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson talked about Ryne Sandberg getting the job on an interim basis. Gibson had the D-Backs job on an interim basis the final three months of the 2010 season before getting the full-time gig.

“If they’re thinking about Sandberg, it’ll help him be better prepared for next year,” Gibson said. “If you’re an interim guy, you’re kind of evaluating and preparing for if you do get the permanent job. Then you can communicate exactly what you see and what you think you should do, things like that. You can be more prepared to implement it. He’ll know the team better. He should know the system pretty good right now. He’s been in the Minor Leagues as well as the Major Leagues. I feel like it helped me. The more games you manage, the more comfort you kind of get.”

This Man Can Pitch

Let’s take a look at a few Cole Hamels facts/impressions this morning:

  • He is 8-1 with a 2.05 ERA since his first start of the season April 5. In 88 innings, he has allowed 61 hits, 20 earned runs, 16 walks and has struck out 88. Opponents have hit .197 against him (.228 against lefthanders and .187 against right-handers.)
  • “I felt lefties might have had a better chance against him than righties tonight,” Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. “With that changeup and now the cutter — he didn’t use that cutter before. That changes it. I’ll play more lefties against him next time.”
  • From April 10 through last night, Hamels and Jon Lester are tied for the most wins in baseball. Hamels is fourth in ERA in that span behind Ryan Vogelsong (1.68 ERA), Jair Jurrjens (1.75 ERA) and Josh Beckett (1.77 ERA). Hamels’ 7.98 baserunners per nine innings easily is first. (Shaun Marcum is second at 8.51.)
  • Hamels has a 2.65 ERA since May 1, 2010, which ranks fifth in baseball. Josh Johnson (1.99 ERA), Adam Wainwright (2.48 ERA), Roy Halladay (2.56 ERA) and Felix Hernandez (2.60 ERA) are ahead of him.
  • “He’s definitely different,” Dodgers catcher Rod Barajas said. “The best I’ve seen him. He was primarily fastball-changeup and the curveball could be out of the strike zone and you didn’t have to swing at it. Now he mixes in the cutter and throws the curveball for strikes. You can’t lay off it anymore or assume it’s a ball. It makes you more aggressive.”
  • Hamels is 4-0 with a 1.70 ERA in his last five starts.
  • “He’s grown up a lot,” Charlie Manuel said. “He’s way more mature. He’s been around guys like Jamie Moyer and Halladay and (Cliff) Lee and Roy Oswalt and guys like that. He has a better work ethic now. He’s getting stronger. He’s bigger than he used to be. If you see him with his shirt and stuff off, he’s developing into a man.” As an aside, Manuel realized once he said it that it sounded a little funny for him to be talking about Hamels with his shirt off. He laughed.


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