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K-Rod Proves Human

From Elias Sports Bureau:

The Phillies had never scored a run against Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez, but they changed that last night. The Phillies scored three runs against him in the ninth inning in a 6-3 victory at Citi Field. In 16 previous appearances against the Phillies, Rodriguez had allowed eight hits, zero runs, six walks and had struck out 15 in 18 1/3 innings.

He was 10-for-10 in save opportunities.

It was the fourth time this season that the Mets had gone to the ninth inning of a game at Citi Field with the score tied, and New York has lost all four of those games.


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The Phillies and Mets Are Close

The Phillies can take a four-game lead over the Mets in the National League East with a victory tonight at Citi Field. The first two games of this three-game series have been entertaining, regardless of the outcome. If these games are any indication, it could be another intereresting September.

Here is a look at how these teams match up in a few categories:

Runs per game
Phillies: 5.47
Mets: 4.68

Home runs
Phillies: 84
Mets: 37

Phillies: .263
Mets: .279

On-base percentage
Phillies: .344
Mets: .361

Slugging percentage
Phillies: .464
Mets: .410

Fielding percentage
Phillies: .991
Mets: .981

Phillies: 19
Mets: 41

Starter’s ERA
Phillies: 5.29
Mets: 4.47

Bullpen ERA
Phillies: 3.52
Mets: 2.88

I just took a look at Baseball Prospectus’ daily playoff odds report, and they also have this race very close. They gave the Phillies a 44.3 percent chance to win the NL East and a 16.3 percent chance to win the NL Wild Card for a 60.6 percent chance to make the playoffs.

They gave the Mets a 45 percent chance to win the division and a 13.9 percent chance to win the wild card for a 58.9 percent chances to make the postseason.

I’m guessing the reason why the Mets have slightly better odds to win the division than the Phillies is the Mets currently have been overall pitching. But the Phillies have pitched much better recently. The Phillies have a 3.72 ERA since May 15, while the Mets have a 3.86 ERA. The Mets also lost J.J. Putz for about two months because of elbow surgery. But what could be interesting is that the Mets could have Francisco Rodriguez, Putz and Billy Wagner in their bullpen in September if everything goes according to plan.

Might not be a bad idea for the Phillies to build a big lead before then.


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Myers: "We've Got the Hardware"

Somebody needs to write the Mets some new material.

Jimmy Rollins called the Phillies the team to beat in 2007, and they won the National League East. Carlos Beltran attempt a Rollins in 2008, when he called the Mets the team to beat … except the Phillies successfully defended their division title and won the World Series, while the Mets faded down the stretch for the second consecutive season.

Francisco Rodriguez then called the Mets the team to beat over the weekend. K-Rod later said he wasn’t aware of the Team to Beat history between the Phillies and Mets.

(Pat Riley once trademarked the phrase threepeat. Rollins is a good businessman. I’m surprised he hasn’t trademarked Team to Beat by now.)

“I’m so tired of talking about them,” Brett Myers said today. “I’m just tired of it. They can think what the hell they want, but we’ve got the hardware right now. It’s their job to take it from us. It’s our job to keep it.”

The Fightins have more about it.

K-Rod Borrows Line From J-Roll

Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez went to the well yesterday, just like Carlos Beltran did last spring.

K-Rod called the Mets the team to beat in the NL East.

Seriously, again?

“Whatever they did last year, they already got paid,” Rodriguez told the New York Daily News. Whatever they did, I have all the respect in the world. They worked hard and they deserve it. This is a different year and different ballclubs now. I don’t want to make any controversy, but with me and (J.J.) Putz and the additions in the bullpen, I feel like now we are the team to beat.”

Jimmy Rollins should have trademarked the phrase “the team to beat.” He’d be rich … well, richer.