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It’s Pence Bobble Head Night’s Jake Kaplan has an interesting note on tonight being Hunter Pence bobble headed night, despite the fact he has been traded.

When you think about it, what in the world are going to do with 45,000 Pence bobble heads? Might as well give them away.


My two cents: I’ve got to say I think it’s absolutely crazy fans cheer Wilson Valdez like a former National League MVP while somebody like Greg Dobbs, who was one of the best pinch-hitters in baseball for a period and helped the Phillies win the 2008 World Series, hears boos. If anything both should hear cheers or get no reaction at all. I mean, Valdez had a nice season for a utility infielder in 2010 (.667 OPS). Dobbs had a .780 OPS in 2007 and an .824 OPS in 2008.

Worley Fitting Right In

From Elias Sports Bureau: Vance Worley threw seven scoreless innings in last night’s 1-0 victory over Florida. Worley has a 0.72 ERA in 25 innings in his last four starts, which is the lowest ERA in the National League from June 14 – July 4.


Elias also reports last night was the Phillies’ 201st game on July 4. They are 101-100.


Got a tweet from a Phillies fan last night saying the Phillies needed to cut Michael Martinezon the night he got the game-winning hit. My Lord. I understand the frustration, but a little perspective, please. I remember when So Taguchi hit .220 as the team’s fifth outfielder in 2008. I remember when Eric Bruntlett hit .171 and Matt Stairs hit .194 in 2009. I remember when Greg Dobbs hit .196 last season. The 25th man on the roster is not going to cost this team a trip to the playoffs or the World Series. Yes, it’s ideal to have a more productive player in that spot, but there are bigger issues surrounding this team. Is it frustrating? Yes. Is it worth being that angry about? No.


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Moyer, Dobbs Become Free Agents; Unlikely to Return

moyer 0507 2010.jpgIt looks like the end for Jamie Moyer and Greg Dobbs in Phillies uniforms.

The Phillies said today that Moyer and Dobbs, who was eligible for salary arbitration, have become unrestricted free agents. Both players could return in 2011, although it is highly unlikely. The Phillies placed both players on waivers earlier this week to expedite the process for them to become free agents, which is a pretty good sign they don’t plan to bring them back. Once they cleared waivers, each player filed for free agency.

The waiver process also allowed the Phillies to clear two spots on the 40-man roster.

Moyer, who turns 48 next month, finished the season on the disabled list with an injured elbow. He is going to pitch Winter Ball in the Dominican Republic to see if he can pitch and possibly get a contract before Spring Training.


Looking Ahead: Six Free Agents, Three Arbitration Eligible Players

werth playoffs.jpg

You probably still have your NLCS hangover, but I thought I’d give everybody a quick look at the Phillies’ offseason. They have six potential free agents and three players eligible for salary arbitration.

Here is a look:


– Jayson Werth. The Phillies and Werth are going to say the right things in the coming weeks. The Phillies are going to say they would love to bring back Werth, which is true. And Werth is going to say he wants to come back, which also is true. But the reality is different. The Phillies already have more than $145 million committed to 16 players in 2011, and Werth is going to be one of the top free agents on the market. Ruben Amaro Jr. has said several times the Phillies can’t have a roster full of $15 million-a-year players, which is what Werth could be making soon. Outfielder Jason Bay received a four-year, $66 million contract from the New York Mets last winter. Werth should command more. Bay hit .267 with a .362 on-base percentage and a .493 slugging percentage in the three seasons leading to free agency. Werth hit .279 with a .376 on-base percentage and a .513 slugging percentage the past three seasons. The numbers show Werth is a better hitter than Bay. He also is a better fielder and base runner. And there seems to be little doubt Scott Boras, who is Werth’s agent, will be seeking the big-time deal Werth has waited his entire career for.

– J.C. Romero. The Phillies have a $4.5 million club option on Romero, but it is unlikely to be exercised. The Phillies are expected to rely next season on Antonio Bastardo instead. And while Romero went 1-0 with a 3.38 ERA the last two seasons, he also missed time with injuries and has walked (42) more hitters than he has struck out (42).


Phillies Add Kendrick, Keep Brown, Dropps Dobbs

kendrick 0719 2010.jpgThe Phillies announced their NLCS roster.

They added Kyle Kendrick as the 11th pitcher, kept Domonic Brown and dropped Greg Dobbs.

“It’s great,” Brown said, who went 0 for 1 and scored a run in the NLDS. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to be on the roster, but it has turned into another great experience for me.”

Ruben Amaro Jr. said manager Charlie Manuel made the final decision. He said Manuel felt Brown “would bring a little bit more to the table. It was a tough decision. Charlie ultimately felt like it was the right thing for us to do.”

Brown hit .210 (13 for 62) with three doubles, two home runs and 13 RBIs during the regular season. Dobbs hit .198 (32 for 163) with seven doubles, five home runs and 15 RBIs. Manuel said Brown’s and Dobbs’ offense was equal. He said Brown’s speed was an advantage over Dobbs, although he said Dobbs’ experience and ability to play the infield were important.

Not important enough.

“I thought that maybe my postseason experience and how well I’ve done in the postseason might play a role in it,” Dobbs said. “Being an older veteran, more experienced, more versatile, I thought that would play in my favor. Obviously, it did not.”


The NLDS Roster

The Phillies just announced their NLDS roster.

Greg Dobbs, Domonic Brown and Antonio Bastardo are ON. Kyle KendrickDanys Baez and David Herndon are OUT.

Here is how it looks:

  • Pitchers (10): Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Jose Contreras, J.C. Romero, Chad Durbin and Bastardo.
  • Catchers (2): Carlos Ruiz and Brian Schneider.
  • Infielders (7): Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Placido Polanco, Wilson Valdez, Mike Sweeney and Dobbs.
  • Outfielders (5): Raul Ibanez, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, Ben Francisco, Ross Gload and Brown.

The Phillies obviously feel with Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt they do not need 11 pitchers, which cost Kendrick a spot. Dobbs could provide insurance should something happen to Rollins, who missed most of September with an injured hamstring. If Valdez had to play, the Phillies would have nobody to backup Polanco or even Utley.


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Rollins Could Be Back Sunday

Jimmy Rollins can run again, and he could be back in the Phillies lineup Sunday.

Rollins, who has not played since Sept. 8 because of a strained right hamstring, participated in a simulated game yesterday with Greg Dobbs at Citizens Bank Park. Rollins said before tonight’s game against the Mets that he got three hits against right-hander Vance Worley and left-hander Mike Zagurski. He ran the bases and said he felt fine.

Charlie Manuel said he has targeted Sunday for Rollins’ return. If it happens, Rollins would get seven games worth of at-bats to get ready for the postseason. The Phillies entered Friday with a six-game lead over the Braves in the National League East with nine games to play.

“My first game will be a speed adjustment,” Rollins said. “Every time you get back you’re like, this game is pretty fast. It’s like when Chase (Utley) was gone. The first day you get a headache. You’re head is just spinning. Baseball is baseball, but it’s like, golly, things are moving fast. Then you’re fine after that.”

It is uncertain if Manuel will use Rollins as a pinch-hitter Friday or Saturday.

Asked if he could run to second if he hit a ball into the gap, Rollins said he could.

Asked if he could steal a base, he said he could.

“Yeah,” he said. “But would I try? No.”


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Howard Is Back

There is a great tool at Baseball Reference that tells you how many times Charlie Manuel has used a specific lineup this season.

He has had Jimmy Rollins, Placido Polanco, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth, Raul Ibanez, Shane Victorino and Carlos Ruiz — otherwise known as the Opening Day lineup — together just seven times, according to the site. That number should hit eight tonight against the Nationals because the Phillies just announced they have activated Howard from the DL. They placed Ross Gload on the DL (strained right groin) to make room for Howard on the 25-man roster.

That means Domonic Brown likely will not be headed to Lehigh Valley, unless they suddenly decide to bring back Greg Dobbs, who just accepted his assignment to Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

So the band is back together again, and they’ll get to do their thing tonight against Stephen Strasburg.


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Utley Is Back

Thumbnail image for utley 1102.jpgSurprised? Nobody is surprised.

The Phillies activated Chase Utley from the 15-day disabled list before tonight’s series opener against the Giants. He returned nearly two weeks ahead of schedule.

“I told him that he needs about 15 more at-bats (in the Minor Leagues),” Pat Burrell joked. “Three games worth. But you know him. Once the doc says, ‘OK,’ he’s going to play. That’s just the way he is. I’m sure they’re happy to have him back. But once I saw on SportsCenter that he was cleared I knew it wouldn’t be long.”

The Phillies designated Greg Dobbs for assignment to make room for Utley on the 25-man roster. The Phillies have 10 days to move Dobbs’ contract. They can trade him, release him or place him on waivers. If Dobbs clears waivers, the Phillies can outright him to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Dobbs can accept the assignment or refuse and become a free agent.

Asked why the Phillies chose rookie outfielder Domonic Brown, who the Phillies have said needs to play every day, over Dobbs, Ruben Amaro Jr. said, “I just really think at this stage of the game we’re a stronger team this way. It’s pretty simple.”

Utley was unavailable to comment before the game, but nobody seemed shocked he returned earlier than expected.

“He’s tough as nails,” Raul Ibanez said. “You knew he was going to do everything in his power to get back on the field. Everything about him that he brings is positive for the team. It’s Chase. He brings himself. He’s always preparing to be at his best to win that game.”

Utley went 3-for-12 with two triples, one RBI, one walk and one run scored in four rehab games with Class A Clearwater.


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Another Day, Another Thriller

howard 0709 2010.jpg

The Phillies put themselves in position for a nice finish to a mostly frustrating first half following a pair of walk-off wins Thursday and Friday against the Reds. The Phillies have Roy Halladay on the mound tonight and Cole Hamels on the mound tomorrow. At the very least they should take three of four in this series, right?


Greg Dobbs is hitting .300 (9-for-30) with one double, two homers and six RBIs in his last nine games.


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