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Good Baseball Against Good Teams

rollins 0614.jpgJimmy Rollins said he looked forward to a double. Actually, he looked forward to any ball that would hit grass first instead of leather.

He got more than that.

He hit a solo home run to right field in the seventh inning in today’s 11-6 victory over the Red Sox at Citizens Bank Park. The homer snapped a 0-for-16 slump. But more important, it gave the Phillies the lead against Josh Beckett.

“It was a good win,” Rollins said. “We got a game back on the Mets, which was the most important thing. … It was very fun. You always look forward to these games. Really, since we’ve left every series has been pretty fun. I guess you have the exception of San Diego. They weren’t playing that well, although they were playing well at home. But Los Angeles, New York, Boston. We were playing teams that are expected to be in the running down the stretch. It’s not easy, but you definitely look forward to playing those games.”

Rollins is right about that. Cole Hamels shutuout the Dogers on June 4 at Dodger Stadium, and almost every game has been nip and tuck since. The Phillies had ninth-inning leads June 5 and 6 against the Dodgers, but Brad Lidge blew a pair of saves. The Phillies pounded Randy Wolf in a 7-2 victory June 7. They hit four homers against Johan Santana in a 6-5 loss Tuesday. Chase Utley hit a game-winning homer in the 11th inning against the Mets on Wednesday. Raul Ibanez hit a game-winning three-run homer in the 10th inning against the Mets on Thursday. They lost in 13 innings to the Red Sox on Friday. Last night’s game was an 11-6 loss, but they came back to win today.

The Phillies are 5-5 in that stretch. They could be 7-3, if Lidge saves both those games or one of them and Greg Dobbs‘ foul ball Friday is ruled fair.


It looked bleak for the Phillies bullpen after J.A. Happ threw 55 pitches in just two innings. The Phillies had thrown 24 innings the previous four nights, and Charlie Manuel said he had just Chan Ho ParkRyan Madson and Tyler Walker available.

But Happ squeezed in 5 2/3 innings, Park threw 2 1/3 innings and Madson pitched an inning. The bullpen gets a much needed rest tomorrow.


Ibanez had started 222 consecutive games until today.

He has been bothered the past few days with some soreness in his left Achilles area because of some ill-fitting shoes, so Manuel rested him. He said the shoes have been fixed and he is fine. He also said after a long week, which included three consecutive extra-inning games and a game Saturday that ended after midnight, Ibanez just got today off.

“It’s nothing at all,” he siad.


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Why No Replay?

The Phillies had runners on first and second with two outs in the 11th inning when pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs hit a towering fly ball down the right field line.

Fair or foul?


Manuel thought otherwise. He thought the ball could have cleared the foul pole and landed in foul territory, making it a three-run home run. He asked first base umpire Jim Joyce to take a look at instant replay.

“Can you look at it?” Manuel said.

“I got a really good look at it,” Joyce said.

Crew chief Derryl Cousins said later that while Manuel had the right to request a replay, they are not obligated to do it.

“I was positive the ball was foul,” Joyce explained. “If I would have had any doubt at all, first of all, I would have went to the crew. And then we would have made a decision to look at it at that point. I was very confident the ball was foul. I’ll be very honest with you. I thought about it after the call. But I was very confident that ball was foul. I even thought to myself, what am I going to see on the replay? It didn’t hit anything.”

Shane Victorino, who stood on first base when Dobbs hit the ball down the line, said he and first base coach Davey Lopes agreed with Joyce. The ball was foul, the at-bat continued and Dobbs struck out to end the inning.


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Rollins Hits Sixth

Jimmy Rollins is back in the Phillies lineup tonight, but he is not hitting leadoff.

Charlie Manuel is having Rollins hit sixth, and it sounds like it could be for more than just tonight’s series finale against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Manuel thinks Rollins, who has just two hits in his last 23 at-bats, needs a different look. Fifty-four games into the season, Rollins is hitting just .217 with a .257 on-base percentage.

Rollins did not start yesterday, the third time this season Manuel has rested Rollins to try to get him going. Tonight is the fourth time this season Rollins has not hit leadoff. (He hit fifth the previous three times.)

While Rollins has hit .217 overall, he has hit .213 in 48 games in the leadoff spot, which ranks 39th out of 41 hitters who qualify for the statistic. His .249 on-base percentage is worst amongst those 41 leadoff hitters. His .294 slugging percentage is tied for 37th with Milwaukee’s Craig Counsell.


Matt Stairs is attending his daughter’s high school graduation today, which means the Phillies have just three bench players available: Greg Dobbs, Eric Bruntlett and Chris Coste.


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Phillies vs. Twins – 3/21

Here is the lineup for today’s game against the Twins at Bright House Field:

1. Miguel Cairo, SS
2. Geoff Jenkins, RF
3. Chase Utley, 2B
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. John Mayberry Jr., CF
6. Matt Stairs, LF
7. Pedro Feliz, 3B
8. Chris Coste, C
9. Kyle Kendrick, P


Greg Dobbs was scratched from the lineup because of soreness in his right hamstring.

Reds 10, Phillies 3 – 2/27

The Phillies dropped to 0-3 in Grapefruit League action, but Charlie Manuel isn’t concerned.

He finally is seeing a little life from his offense. Shane Victorino went 2 for 3. Raul Ibanez went 1 for 2 with one RBI. Greg Dobbs went 1 for 2 with one RBI. Matt Stairs went 0 for 3, but he crushed a ball to right field that died on the warning track because of the wind. And J.C. Romero and Ryan Madson allowed a combined one unearned run in three innings in relief. Dave Borkowski threw 1 2/3 scoreless innings.

“We’re starting to swing better,” Manuel said. “We hit some balls hard today. That’s going to come. I’m not worried about our hitting. That’s definitely going to come. We’re playing a lot of guys that we’re trying to take a look at.”


Manuel said Jayson Werth, who hasn’t played in the first three games, will play tomorrow against the Tampa Bay Rays at Bright House Field.


Pat Burrell will be in the house tomorrow.

“Strike him out,” Manuel said.

How will you do that, Charlie?

“We’ll go right at him,” he said.

Feliz's Back

Full squad workouts begin tomorrow at the Carpenter Complex, but all 64 players have reported to camp.

Jimmy Rollins was the last to arrive to the Bright House Field clubhouse this morning, just minutes after Greg Dobbs and Shane Victorino.

Pedro Feliz also arrived. He said he feels good after having surgery on his lower back in November. He has not swung a bat since he his game-winning single in Game 5 of the World Series, but said he expects to begin hitting and fielding soon.

“I’ve just been doing exercises and throwing,” Feliz said.

But Feliz said he expects to be ready by Opening Day. In fact, while the Phillies have been cautiously optimistic that Chase Utley could be ready to play the Braves on April 5 at Citizens Bank Park, they seem more certain about Feliz.