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Moyer Gets Rocked, Worst Start of Career

Jamie Moyer suffered the worst start of his career tonight at Fenway Park, allowing nine hits, nine runs, one walk and one home run in one-plus inning.

Moyer had not pitched this poorly since he pitched for the Seattle Mariners and allowed 11 runs in 3 2/3 innings Aug. 9, 2000, against the Chicago White Sox.

It was the third time a Phillies starter had allowed nine or more runs in one or fewer innings since 1951. It was the first time it happened since April 20, 2006, when Ryan Madson allowed nine runs in one inning against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park. Ben Rivera allowed nine runs in one inning July 9, 1993, against the San Francisco Giants at Veterans Stadium.

Moyer allowed six doubles and one home run as the Phillies entered the third inning down nine runs.


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halladay 0529 2010.jpgA few thoughts on Roy Halladay‘s perfect game:

  • It’s the 20th perfect game in baseball history, which is only eight more men than have walked on the moon.
  • Good to see Halladay smile.
  • I’ve seen pitchers carry no-hitters into the seventh inning before and I’m like, “OK, somebody is going to get a hit here.” And somebody always does.” I only started to think Daisuke Matsuzaka would throw a no-hitter May 22 when Carlos Ruiz hit into a line drive double play in the eighth inning. Juan Castro hit a broken-bat flare into left field in the following at-bat. But there was a different feeling when Halladay carried a perfect game into the seventh. This is going to happen. Nobody is going to get on base here.
  • Cool to hear Halladay give Jamie Moyer some credit for the suggestions he made in between starts.
  • Guess we’ll be hearing much less about pitch counts, right?
  • The Phillies have thrown one perfect game and one no-hitter since I started covering the Phillies. I’ve missed both. I started covering the Phillies for The Philadelphia Inquirer in April 2003. The first game I ever missed as a beat writer Kevin Millwood threw his no-hitter against the Giants at the Vet. I was flying to LA at the time because the Phillies opened a series the following night at Dodger Stadium. I remember getting into my rental car, finding the Dodgers game and hearing Vin Scully say, “And in Philadelphia, Kevin Millwood has a no-hitter through eight innings!” I almost drove my car off the road. And the Halladay perfect game? I typically get one road series off a month. Taking off this series made the most sense because it split up a three-city, nine-game trip. But at least I got to watch it while having an adult beverage or two over the holiday weekend.


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Moyer Hits 262 and 500

moyer 0514 2010.jpg

Jamie Moyer picked up his 262nd career win last night in a 9-5 victory over the Brewers, which is 40th all-time.

He also allowed his 500th career homer, which is second all-time.

Moyer sits at 501 after he allowed three solo homers in the second inning to the Brewers, which has him four behind Robin Roberts, who allowed 505 for the all-time record. Moyer has thrown 3,947 2/3 innings in his career, which ranks 43rd. Roberts threw 4,688 2/3, which ranks 21st.

Rounding out the top 10 in career homers allowed are Ferguson Jenkins (483), Phil Niekro (482), Don Sutton (472), Frank Tanana (448), Warren Spahn (434), Bert Blyleven (430), Steve Carlton (414) and Randy Johnson (411). That’s not bad company.

“There’s a lot of chances out there,” Moyer said. “You can’t give up 500 in 600 at-bats, can you? I’ve thrown a few innings in my career. You’re going to give up hits, home runs, walks, strikeouts, errors. I don’t really keep track of it all.”

A couple Moyer homer notes:

  • Manny Ramirez has homered off of Moyer the most – 10 times.
  • Moyer has surrendered home runs in 41 different ballparks (89 in Safeco – the most for any one park).
  • He has allowed 292 solo home runs and seven grand slams.
  • He has served up 377 homers to righties and 124 to lefties.
  • Jim Edmonds, the man who touches Moyer up for the 500th, had never homered against Moyer before the milestone.


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Moyer Makes History

moyer 0507 2010.jpg

Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher in baseball history to throw a shutout, when at 47 years, 170 days old, he threw a two-hit shutout tonight in a 7-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves.

“Cool,” he said.

Just cool?

“Just doing my job.”

Phil Niekro had been the oldest pitcher to throw a shutout when he threw one for the New York Yankees against the Toronto Blue Jays on Oct. 6, 1986, at 46 years, 188 days old. ESPN’s Jayson Stark first found that Satchel Paige had been the oldest non-knuckleball pitcher to accomplish the feat, when he pitched for the St. Louis Browns and threw a 12-inning shutout against the Detroit Tigers at 46 years, 75 days old.

“We knew it was Eighth Wonder of the World type stuff,” Chad Durbin said.

“There’s no ands, ifs or buts about it,” Chipper Jones said. “We didn’t really barrel much hard. The guy is 87 years old and he’s still pitching for a reason. He stays off of people’s barrels. That’s what he did. … That’s about as well pitched of a game by a guy who throws 80 mph that I’ve ever seen.”

“That amazes me,” Charlie Manuel said.

“It was impressive, regardless of how old you are,” Roy Halladay said.

Does Halladay expect to be throwing shutouts at 47?

“No,” he said immediately.

What does he expect to be doing then?

“Fishing,” he said.


“What did I do with the ball?” Moyer said. “I think one of my kids has it. I don’t know if it’s in the (batting) cage and they’re hitting with it, or they’re going to give it to one of the dogs at home.”


Moyer said it was nice to know that some of his children are old enough to have vivid images of this historical night.

“Yeah, I hope they do,” he joked about his boys. “Two of them are teenagers.”

Maybe they were fiddling with their iPods instead?

“There might have been some cute girls around, too,” Moyer said.


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The Pitching Picture

hamels 0418 2010.jpgCole Hamels pitched great yesterday, which almost made yesterday’s 2-0 loss to the Marlins feel like a victory.


The way the Phillies’ rotation has looked lately, it needed Hamels to flash the signs he flashed in Spring Training, namely, that he looked like the ’08 Hamels, not the ’09 Hamels. I never thought Hamels pitched terribly in his first two starts, so I never worried. He had poor command against Washington on April 7 and was a check-swing away from allowing just one run through his first four innings against the Nationals last Wednesday. But there is no question the Phillies’ rotation needed somebody to step up other than Roy Halladay, who is 3-0 with a 1.13 ERA.

Joe Blanton remains on the DL, although he could be back following the team’s nine-game road trip through Atlanta, Arizona and San Francisco. He makes a rehab start Tuesday with Single-A Lakewood. J.A. Happ (1-0, 0.00 ERA) has soreness in his left forearm and might miss his next start — maybe more. He will throw today at Citizens Bank Park. If he feels fine, he could start as early as Wednesday in Atlanta. If he doesn’t feel fine? It could be a problem. It goes without saying the Phillies need the rotation to stay healthy because the back end of the rotation is struggling: Jamie Moyer is 1-1 with a 7.50 ERA and Kyle Kendrick is 0-0 with a 17.47 ERA.

The Phillies don’t need a fifth starter until Saturday, so the Phillies can give Happ time to rest. But when Saturday rolls around in Arizona they’ll need a fifth starter. If Happ can’t pitch I’m guessing Nelson Figueroa takes the spot.

Tuesday is a big start for Kendrick. He not only is pitching for his spot in the rotation, but possibly his spot on the team. Kendrick took Blanton’s spot in the rotation, so when Blanton is back Kendrick is out. Finding a spot for Kendrick looks difficult, at least in the short term.

J.C. Romero could be back sometime during this road trip. He likely will replace Antonio Bastardo. Brad Lidge could be back following the road trip. I think the Phillies will try to keep David Herndon on the 25-man roster. (They must keep him on the roster or they likely lose him because he’s a Rule 5 Draft pick.) That means Lidge might take Figueroa’s spot in the bullpen. But if Blanton returns before Lidge, the Phillies might option Kendrick to the Minors and bring him back as the long man once they lose Figueroa. Figueroa is out of options and must clear outright waivers to send him to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. As well as he has pitched, I can’t see that happening.


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The 2009 National League Championship Ring

NLC Ring Top.jpg
NLC Ring - Right Shank.jpg
NLC Ring - Left Shank.jpg

I wanted to pass this along …

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Turn Back the Clock, Keep Scoring Runs


The Astros held “Turn Back the Clock Night” last night at Minute Maid Park to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first game at the Astrodome, which featured the Phillies. Houston’s grounds crew commemorated the event by dragging the infield wearing astronaut outfits.

Poor guys.

The Phillies wore replica 1965 road uniforms, which got thumbs up from Charlie Manuel and Ryan Howard. (If you liked them they apparently will be auctioned off. I’m not sure where, but keep an eye open on the Internet. They have all sorts of things on sale there.) The ’65 Phillies scored 654 runs (4.04 per game) in 162 games, which ranked sixth in the 10-team National League. It’s safe to say the 2010 Phillies have a more potent offense.

The Phillies have scored 41 runs (8.2 per game) through five games. That pace can’t possibly last, but where will the Phillies finish? Let’s take a look at how the Phillies offense has ranked in the National League since Manuel became manager in 2005.

2009: 820 runs (5.06 per game), first in the league.
2008: 799 runs (4.93 per game), second in the league.
2007: 892 runs (5.51 per game), first in the league.
2006: 865 runs (5.34 per game), first in the league.
2005: 807 runs (4.98 per game), second in the league.

The Phillies’ franchise record for runs is 944, which they set in 156 games in 1930. The Phillies would need to average 5.83 runs per game to break that record.

So where do they finish this year? What’s the magic number?


Manuel let Jamie Moyer hit in the sixth inning because he needed to give his bullpen a break. As well as the Phillies have played the first week of the season, the bullpen had pitched a combined 12 innings the previous three games because Cole Hamels went five innings Wednesday, Kyle Kendrick went four innings Thursday and J.A. Happ went five innings Friday.


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Moyer to Start, Kendrick to Pen

Thumbnail image for moyer 0326 2010.jpgIt’s official: Jamie Moyer is the Phillies’ fifth starter and Kyle Kendrick is in the bullpen.

The news is not a surprise. Moyer locked up the job with an outstanding performance Friday against the Yankees. The Phillies also said a couple things this spring that made it clear Moyer had the decisive edge for the job: First, Moyer’s experience mattered. Second, spring training numbers didn’t matter. In other words, nothing short of Kendrick throwing shutouts in every start and Moyer carrying a double-digit ERA would have gotten Kendrick the job.

But the Phillies liked what they saw from Kendrick. They think he can start again in the big leagues, and he still could. Moyer must produce. The Phillies showed last season they’re not afraid of pulling him from the rotation. If he struggles like he struggled last year, and if Kendrick pitches well in the bullpen you definitely could see the two swapping roles.


The Zo Zone has reached the Phinal Phour at The Phield. Voting begins today at 8 p.m. and runs 24 hours.



Brad Lidge still needs to build up arm speed and improve his fastball command.


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Moyer Likely Takes the Fifth Job

moyer 0326 2010.jpgIt’s not official, but Jamie Moyer‘s stellar performance last night against the Yankees very likely secured him the fifth spot in the Phillies’ rotation.

Here is why:

  • The Phillies have said throughout the spring that Kyle Kendrick must beat out Moyer for the job. Kendrick has pitched great. He has a 1.37 ERA in five Grapefruit League appearances. He has shown poise on the mound. His secondary pitches have come along nicely. He simply looks like a completely different pitcher than the one fans saw last spring. But after Moyer threw 6 2/3 scoreless innings against the Yankees, Moyer has a 0.77 ERA in two Grapefruit League starts, and a combined 2.61 ERA, including starts in three B games. Moyer has done nothing to lose the job.
  • The Phillies have said they will not look at Spring Training numbers to make their decision, so even if Moyer should struggle in his final spring start, I don’t think the Phillies will put much stock into it.
  • The Phillies have said that Kendrick is better suited for the bullpen than Moyer, 47.
  • The Phillies have said Moyer’s track record matters.

It’s not official — well, at least the Phillies haven’t said anything publicly — but for those reasons it looks like Moyer gets the job to start the season. But he’ll have to perform. The Phillies pulled him from the rotation once last season. They also have a track record for pulling a starter early in the year (i.e. J.A. Happ and Chan Ho Park swapping jobs last May).


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Good Thursday for Kendrick, Big Friday for Moyer

Thumbnail image for kendrick 0308.jpgCharlie Manuel
insisted today that the Phillies haven’t talked about the fifth spot in their rotation.

Nope, not once.

(Insert “Really?!? with Seth & Amy” here.)

But the decision is near. Believe that much. In fact, it could be pretty clear after Jamie Moyer pitches tomorrow night against the Yankees at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. If he pitches OK, the job could be his. If he gets knocked around, things get a little more interesting.

Kyle Kendrick, who is competing with Moyer for the job, impressed again today in an 8-7 victory over the Astros at Bright House Field. Kendrick struggled with his command early and arguably had his worst stuff of the spring but allowed five hits, two runs (one earned run) and two walks in 5 2/3 innings. He struck out one. Kendrick has an impressive 1.37 ERA after five Grapefruit League appearances. Moyer has a 3.86 ERA in four spring appearances, which includes on Grapefruit League and three B game starts.

Big night for Moyer on Friday?

“I don’t know,” Manuel said. “I don’t think so. Not really.”


The Phillies announced on March 31 last year that Chan Ho Park had edged J.A. Happ for the fifth spot in the rotation. It would not be a surprise to see the Phillies make this year’s announcement around the same time with Kendrick scheduled to make his final Grapefruit League start next Tuesday.

“I’m pleased with the way Kyle is throwing the ball, but I also know there’s a track record on the other guy,” Rich Dubee said.


A couple notes from today:

  • Brad Lidge and J.C. Romero are expected to open the season on the DL. No surprise there. The Phillies can backdate DL stints to March 26, which means today would have been the last day they could have pitched in a Grapefruit League game. The earliest Lidge or Romero are eligible to pitch is April 10 in Houston. There remains a chance Lidge could be ready to pitch in Houston, but Romero still hasn’t appeared in a Minor League Spring Training game. He is further behind.
  • Roy Halladay allowed seven hits, two runs and one walk and struck out seven in seven innings in a Minor League Spring Training game against the Yankees in Tampa. He threw 98 pitches. Halladay will make his final Grapefruit League start Wednesday against the Blue Jays at Bright House Field. He makes his Phillies debut April 5 on Opening Day in DC.
  • Left-hander Antonio Bastardo allowed two hits, three runs, one walk and one home run in one inning. He struck out two. He has a 7.71 ERA in six Grapefruit League appearances. “I can’t say a whole lot of our guys have been real sharp the last time out,” Rich Dubee said. “I think we’re at that point right now in Spring Training where guys are going through a little bit of a dead arm and dead body period, which is fine. I’d rather they hit it now than the first week of the season.”


Thanks to WIP’s Howard Eskin and Ike Reese for having me on today to talk about the Phillies and my book.


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