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The Werth Market

Thumbnail image for werth 0624 2010.jpgIt sounds like Cliff Lee is headed to the Yankees.

Update: Nope, nope. He’s headed to the Heat. Wait … nope, uh, yes, he’s headed to the Rangers. Yes, it’s official. He’s definitely headed to the Rangers.

It sounds like Jayson Werth is not.

There have been reports today the Yankees, who might move a starter upon finalizing the Lee trade, would send Javier Vazquez to the Phillies for Werth. Sources said this afternoon that Werth-for-Vazquez is not happening.

Update: Lee going to the Rangers does not change the fact the Phillies would not trade Werth to the Yankees for Vazquez.

Make sense.

It would take a much better deal to move Werth. Werth and Vazquez are free agents after the season. If the Phillies trade Werth — and the Phillies are exploring the trade market for Werth — they will want Major League-ready talent they can control beyond 2010. Vazquez is not that.

If the Phillies trade Werth — Ruben Amaro Jr. said this week he is willing to trade somebody from his 25-man roster to strengthen another area on his roster– it certainly would be to a team in the postseason hunt that needs a bat. That would be teams like the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, etc. That means Werth for Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren makes little sense. I mean, it might make sense to the Phillies. But why would the Astros or Diamondbacks (or any other team out of contention with a stud starting pitcher) want Werth, knowing he likely will be gone in a couple months? If the Astros or Diamondbacks trade Oswalt or Haren, they also will be looking for young talent they can control beyond this season.


Another Thing to Consider About Halladay

The Phillies have a few important things to consider as they try to trade for Roy Halladay:

  • Which prospects are they willing to give up?
  • How many prospects are they willing to give up?
  • Can they sign Halladay to a contract extension or does he walk after his contract expires after 2010?

But here is another consideration: Is there a chance Halladay could walk after this season?

Players who signed multiyear contracts before Oct. 2006 can demand a trade, if they are traded in the middle of their deals. Halladay signed a three-year, $40 million contract extension with the Blue Jays in March 2006, which means if Toronto trades him, he can demand a trade in the off-season.

In other words, there is some risk the Phillies could lose Halladay after just a few months of baseball (and after sending several top prospects to the Blue Jays to get him). Because if Halladay demands a trade and the Phillies don’t trade him, Halladay would become an unrestricted free agent March 15.

Halladay also would get to choose six teams in which he would not accept a trade, which would make things even more difficult for the Phillies.

But don’t panic. Players rarely invoke that right. Javier Vazquez requested a trade from the Diamondbacks in 2005, but no other player who has invoked that right immediately comes to mind.

I think this clause is in the back of the Phillies’ minds, but I also don’t think it’s scaring them away. From everything I’ve heard, the Phillies are a leading candidate to land Halladay. They don’t seem to be pulling back. They seem to be pushing forward. That is why the Blue Jays are heavily scouting the Phillies’ farm system these days.

Halladay also sounds like man who wants to play for a winner. I’m not sure why he would not want to stay in Philadelphia if he gets traded here. But it’s just another interesting consideration as the Phillies try to bring him aboard.


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