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Bad Day for Lidge, Myers

lidge 0815.jpgBrad Lidge
‘s latest is a familiar tale. Brett Myers‘ is not.

Lidge blew his Major League-leading eighth save of the season Saturday in a 4-3 loss to the Braves, while Myers had his rehab appearance in Single-A Clearwater scratched after he said he fell out of his wife’s Escalade on Friday night and slammed his face into the door’s armrest.

Lidge has been struggling all season. He is 0-5 with a 7.27 ERA.

Myers had been making phenomenal progress recovering from his June 5 hip surgery, until the impact of the fall caused his left eye to swell completely shut.

We know what has been happening with Lidge, but the story from Myers’ injury took a strange turn.

The Phillies said early Saturday that Myers suffered an eye injury while playing catch with his son, Kolt. But the Phillies later said Myers changed his story.

“I know exactly what people are going to think,” Myers said in a telephone interview Saturday evening with

In other words, they will think Myers was intoxicated.

Myers said he and his wife, Kim, went to dinner with two friends and their nanny in Jacksonville, where Myers lives in the offseason. (Myers planned to drive to Clearwater on Saturday afternoon for the 6:30 p.m. game.) Myers said he had a two or three beers at dinner.

He said he sat in the back of his wife’s Escalade while their nanny drove everybody home. He said when he tried to get out of the truck, he got caught on some of his children’s toys and fell into the armrest on the car door.

“I couldn’t catch myself,” he said. “My face just smashed the side of it. I basically rolled out of the car, and I said, ‘I need a little help. I can’t get up.’ It knocked me silly. It looks like I went 12 rounds with (Mike) Tyson.

“I wasn’t drunk by any means. That’s why I feel so stupid right now.”

And that’s why he said he initially told Brian Cammarota, who is the team’s Minor League athletics trainers and rehabilitation coordinator, that he got hit in the eye with a baseball. But Myers said soon after the first call to Cammarota, Kim urged him to call Cammarota back with the true story.

“I’m an idiot,” Myers said. “I’ve never felt so frickin’ embarrassed in my life. I feel like a total geek.”

Myers will be examined Sunday by team doctors in Clearwater. He said he hopes to pitch as soon as possible.


Chase Utley wouldn’t comment specifically about the Eagles signing Michael Vick. Utley and his wife Jen are very invovled with the Pennsylvania SPCA. In fact, Jen is a board member. Jen was outside the NovaCare Complex on Friday. FOX 29 had a chance to speak with her. Here is what she said: 

FOX 29: Reaction to Vick?
Jen Utley: “I’m very surprised. Obviously curious and I knew this was going to be a very controversial issue regardless of where the signing took place. … For me, I hope this will shed some light on what the PSPCA organization does. We fight animal cruelty every day in this city and we will continue to do that. This is not going to change anything. Hopefully it will make us stronger and have more people support us in our mission and what we do.
FOX29: Should the Eagles have contacted the PSPCA?
Jen Utley: I think that’s a decision they would have made. I think if you’re planning on being concious of a very sensitive issue it might be positive to do that. Again, I don’t work for the Eagles. I don’t know what their PR department does. I only know that reports said they called us. They didn’t.

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