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Managers Offer Thoughts on Manuel

Charlie ManuelThe Phillies fired Charlie Manuel today, and managers around baseball offered their thoughts.

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez
“I have a lot of respect for Charlie and the way he handled that situation in Philly. As you well know, it’s not the easiest place to manage. People have a lot of expectations. It’s almost like New York City with a big press (following). I admire him. … Whatever Charlie wants to do, he can do. He’s done a lot of good stuff. Whether he wants to stop managing and go into the front office to help the Phillies or if he wants to get back on the field, I think he can do what he wants.”

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly
“Charlie’s an experienced guy, he’s been through a lot. This is not a good situation. I feel for that part of it.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland
“This comes as a surprise to me. I’m very close to Charlie. I think the world of him. He’s obviously done a great job over there. And it’s just one of those things. That’s just part of our business. It’s too bad but it’s something that happens. Football coaches, baseball managers, we know what that’s all about.”

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire spoke about Manuel here. Asked if he was surprised Manuel got fired with 42 games remaining, Gardenhire added, “I guess yes because there’s so little time left in the season. But no, just listening to Charlie talking in Spring Training. He said he didn’t have a contract next year and didn’t know what was going to happen. Charlie is not one to back away from his stance on anything. If he believes in something, he’s going to stay with it. I know they were trying to play kids but Charlie is going to do it his way.”

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson talked about Ryne Sandberg getting the job on an interim basis. Gibson had the D-Backs job on an interim basis the final three months of the 2010 season before getting the full-time gig.

“If they’re thinking about Sandberg, it’ll help him be better prepared for next year,” Gibson said. “If you’re an interim guy, you’re kind of evaluating and preparing for if you do get the permanent job. Then you can communicate exactly what you see and what you think you should do, things like that. You can be more prepared to implement it. He’ll know the team better. He should know the system pretty good right now. He’s been in the Minor Leagues as well as the Major Leagues. I feel like it helped me. The more games you manage, the more comfort you kind of get.”

What Grade Does Charlie Get?

Charlie ManuelSo on WIP this morning Angelo Cataldi asked what grade Charlie Manuel deserves as manager.

Hmmmm … I think he gets an ‘A’ because in my opinion, wins and losses are the only things that matter.

Manuel has more wins than any manager in Phillies history (727) and his winning percentage (.561) is the best among Phillies managers with 300 or more games. He has won five National League East championships, two National League pennants and one World Series. The Phillies’ .561 winning percentage under Manuel from 2005-12 is best in the National League and third in baseball behind the Yankees (.590) and Angels (.563).

Now, if you’re argument is, well, he only won one World Series, despite some pretty talented teams … just a reminder the Phillies have won only two World Series since their inception in 1883. And a little perspective is good here, too. Jim Leyland has won just one World Series in 21 years as manager. Bobby Cox won just one in 29 years. Tony La Russa won three in 33. Tommy Lasorda won two in 21. Connie Mack won five in 53. The point here is that it is tough to win a World Series.

One in eight years with the Phillies isn’t so bad. In fact, I’m reminded of something Dallas Green told me in Spring Training 2004. He said, “If it were easy to win a World Series, I wouldn’t be the only son of a bitch walking around here with a ring.”

Leave Dallas to tell it like it is.

But I also know some people think Manuel didn’t take advantage of the talent he had. So what do you think? Vote.

Sheffield Update

gary sheffield 1.jpgTigers manager Jim Leyland told reporters yesterday that three teams have expressed interest in Gary Sheffield.

We know the Phillies are one of them, and the fact Ruben Amaro Jr. has acknowledged that interest publicly tells me the Phillies very much want to sign him once he clears waivers at 1 p.m. today. If they were just kicking the tires, Amaro might not be so upfront about it (although he really hasn’t said much other than he has talked to Sheffield, Sheffield’s agent Rufus Williams and that they are interested).

But we also know today that the Reds are talking to Sheffield.

There probably are more than three teams that have interest in Sheffield, but we know two of them are National League teams and we know ESPN’s Buster Olney reported yesterday there don’t seem to be many fits in the American League, where Sheffield would be an ideal fit.

The Phillies’ chances to get Sheffield? Not knowing who the other teams are or what the other teams are promising in terms of playing time, I’d still say it’s less likely than likely, but I wouldn’t say it’s a tremendous long shot, either.

Update: Sheffield told Dusty Baker that he wants playing time. The Phillies can’t give that to him, but it sounds like the Reds can’t, either. So it remains unlikely Sheffield is a fit, but if nobody can offer Sheffield playing time then he might have to reconsider.

Oh, the suspense is just killing me.


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