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Day Off Today

I got a text message from a buddy today who simply wrote: “His price? Twenty dollars a month.”

Naturally, I replied, “Thanks, Joel.”

Now this has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, but I have to ask: Is it me or is the Select Quote term life insurance commercial with Dan Tullis and Joel Clark one of the worst radio commercials ever? It’s on every five seconds. Would radio stations go out of business if it weren’t for Select Quote?

Clark: Buying term life insurance is easy. Let’s say you take antidepressants or you smoke (Clark really emphasizes the k in smoke.) All insurance companies are going to price that differently. Now we’ll impartially shop all the companies we represent to get you the best rate possible.

Tullis: Can you give me an example? (The best part here is that he sounds totally unnatural. He isn’t even pretending he’s not reading from a script.)

Clark: Sure, I just got a 40-year-old man on blood pressure medication, a $500,000 policy with a highly rated insurance company. His price ..?

Wait for it …

Here it comes …

Oh, my Lord!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Clark: Twenty dollars a month.


Tullis: Thanks, Joel.

Thanks for letting me get this important matter off my chest.


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