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Ibanez Is Second in NL All-Star Voting

ibanez 09.jpgWho knew Philadelphians could stuff a ballot box?

You were upset that Raul Ibanez, who is second in the National League in home runs and RBIs, ranked sixth amongst NL outfielders in All-Star voting last week. So what did you do? You hit the Internet and punched holes in ballots at the ballpark. It worked. MLB just released its latest voting update and Ibanez ranks second amongst NL outfielders with 817,849 votes.

Chase Utley still leads NL second basemen.

But in a sign fans just aren’t stuffing ballots for Ibanez and Utley, Jimmy Rollins ranks second amongst shortstops, Ryan Howard ranks third amongst first basemen and Pedro Feliz, who quietly is having a fine season, ranks fifth amongst third basemen. Those three players also moved up since last week.


Ryan Howard has been named co-NL Player of the Week with Adrian Gonzalez.


To anybody who uses Twitter: the only Phillies who have Twitter accounts are Chad Durbin, Jamie Moyer‘s Moyer Foundation and the Phillies. That’s it. That means no other players, coaches, managers or broadcasters.

So, no, Utley does not Twitter. I’m only pointing that out because Utley apparently is doing a Twitterview today with golfer John Raser. Except the real Utley knows nothing about it. I figured this out when a) it mentioned Utley’s bogus Twitter account and b) when it said Utley is going to be discussing “marketing, branding, the power of social media and obviously some baseball talk. I will be picking Chase’s brain about the benefits and even goals athletes may have by embracing their fans and the world through social media.” If you’ve ever interviewed Utley, you know it’s like pulling teeth. I couldn’t imagine Utley talking about “marketing, branding and the power of social media,” much less via Twitter.

Yo, Raser, you might be Twitterviewing somebody today, but it won’t be Utley.


The Phillies promoted RHP Kyle Drabek from Single-A Clearwater to Double-A Reading.


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