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Oswalt Gets Creative, Makes Up Pitch

Roy Oswalt found himself in a ridiculously long at-bat against Jorge Cantu in the fourth inning last night at PETCO Park.

How long was it?

So long that Oswalt threw a new pitch to get himself out of it. Here’s how the at-bat went:

  1. 90, sinker, called strike
  2. 81, changeup, swinging strike
  3. 80, changeup, ball
  4. 91, sinker, foul
  5. 66, curveball, foul
  6. 80, changeup, foul
  7. 92, sinker, foul
  8. 81, changeup, foul
  9. 92, sinker, foul
  10. 93, sinker, foul
  11. 79, changeup, foul
  12. 61, curveball, ball
  13. 93, sinker, foul
  14. 80, slider, swinging strike

“I usually throw a slider one way and I threw it a different way,” said Oswalt, showing his normal grip and the grip he used in the final pitch to Cantu. “I spiked it.”


Charlie Manuel said Ryan Madson couldn’t pitch last night because of “soreness.” Madson said he just got a day off after pitching four times in six days. (He was not happy having to answer questions about the “soreness” after the game.) Manuel said Madson likely would be available tonight. The Phillies certainly hope so. It seems the Phillies can stomach losing Chase Utley more than they can lose Madson or Jose Contreras right now. … Oswalt said he had no back issues last night, although Manuel said his velocity was a tick below normal. Worth watching.


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